About the Author

I am a twenty-four year old unemployed engineering major currently living at home in upstate New York.  But no one cares about that.

I have been into bondage since before I even knew what sex was.  As a kid, watching various cartoons, I always used to replay the scenes in which the hero was restrained by the villain.  While I came to identify as a mostly dominant switch, that love of rope has followed me throughout my life.

Currently single (feel free to change this), I have been moderately involved with the fetish communities on social networking sites such as Fetlife and Collarme, being found on both as user "CriminallyVu1gar."  While my practical knowledge is woefully underwhelming, I possess a pretty good insight into the ministrations of BDSM relationships and have explored them at length in my writing.

Outside the fetish world, I'm a pretty varied person.  I enjoy reading and writing (obviously), as well as watching movies, playing hockey, working on model trains, and just plain going outside.  I don't know if I can be better described as the rare geek who is athletic, or the rare jock who is intelligent, but both labels fit pretty well.

As a writer, I'm influenced most by J.K. Rowling, Michael Crichton, Erin Alexander, William Shatner, George Carlin, Tucker Max, and Allie Brosh.