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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 8 - First Day Continued

Freedom of Restraint Episode 8
First Day Continued


I followed Miss Reed from the room trying not to stare at her legs and ass but finding little success.  "I take it you've already seen the cubicle we've prepared for you," she said gesturing to it as we walked past.  "Hopefully you can make it a bit less...stiff looking with splashes of your personality."

When we reached the southwest corner I thought we were going to turn left and head down the stairs, but instead Miss Reed led the two of us to the right and down another hallway.  The south wall of the floor featured a window that spanned almost the entire width of the building and overlooked the street below.  I remembered that I couldn't see in when looking up at the building, and wondered if it was a magical property of the glass or a physical one.

She rattled off the names of the rooms' inhabitants but none of them stuck as my attention was split between the half of her body she showed, and the not unattractive Leif.  I figured that in time I'd become more acquainted with the permanent residents and concentrated instead on getting a feel for the atmosphere of place that was to become my primary source of income.  With Leif's sorely apparent servitude, I wondered if the anything goes attitude filtered down to the rest of the staff, or if it was a pleasure only Miss Reed enjoyed.

"This room is empty," Miss Reed finished as she gestured to the first that opened out into the northernmost hallway.  "This next door serves as a locker room and a bathroom mostly for our house slaves, although Leif here doesn't need to use it since he's not allowed clothes.  You're welcome to use any of the house slaves provided a higher ranking employee hasn't already made them unavailable.  We have twelve, housed in the northern two rooms in the center of this floor, more than we ever have in the building most times in terms of staff."  She gave his balls another squeeze prompting a moan before swatting him on the ass.  "Turn and show Miss Marov your punishment." 

Leif complied and I got an up close look at the acrylic contraption that housed his cock and kept it from getting hard.  "Leif brought an underage human into Freedom of Restraint and is being chastised for it.  The first part of that I usually couldn't care less about.  The second part is unforgivable.  No humans allowed."

She gave another tug on his leash and continued onward, letting him back into the northeastern most room.  With her long legs, Miss Reed quickly traversed the hallway to the stairs and I had to nearly jog to keep up.  As we rounded the corner out onto the second floor, she only took a few steps down the hallway and leaned on the railing that overlooked the first floor dining area.

"There isn't much to show you here," she started.  The rooms against that wall," she pointed to the western side of the building, "are more like traditional hotel rooms, while the rooms here," she turned around and gestured to the south, "are similar to the apartment-style rooms on the top floor."

She turned and continued down the stairs and into the dining area.  Behind the bar the dark skinned Succubus sat idly cleaning off the countertop.  She smiled when Miss Reed walked up with me in tow.  "Anything for the two of you or just passing through?"

"I'm fine Arista," Miss Reed said, "this is Arista Moore, our head bartender," Miss Reed said.  "Arista, this is Lena Marov, she's our new bookkeeper, Lena can have something to drink if she likes."

"I'm fine, thanks," I said quietly.

"Look," Miss Reed started, and I thought I was in trouble.  "I don't care what you do while you're here.  I think you'll find that we're much freer than any other group of people you've encountered.  If you want to work all day with a house slave's tongue halfway up your cunt, then so be it, as long as the work is done and done well.  So have a damn drink."  She finished with a tight smile that did little to calm my nerves.

My face flushed red at the amicable, but stern rebuke, causing Arista's smile to broaden.  Evidently she liked seeing me at such a disadvantage.  "Uh a screwdriver?" I said lamely.  It was the only mixed drink I could think of, and not much of one.

"Would you like that in a glass, or to lick it off my body?"  I froze and stared at said body.  With impossibly smooth dark skin and perfectly formed breasts that were only C-cups, but still somehow straining against her black tank top, aching to be released, Arista was more than desirable.

"Stop toying with the new girl," Miss Reed said, scolding Arista, but smiling.  She turned to me, "Arista is also a switch, but she teeters perilously close to the cutoff for being dominant."  She winked at Arista as the tanned girl turned to grab a glass.  "Be wary of her."

I nodded blankly, still unable to tear my eyes off the stunningly attractive form of Arista.  Her backside was just as alluring as the front as she somehow managed to blend prominent curves with a petiteness that rivaled my own.

She returned shortly with the drink and slid it across the countertop, bending over as she did so to afford me a view straight down through her delectable cleavage.  "Stop teasing the poor girl and just take the shirt off," Miss Reed said in the no-nonsense tone that always made me both a little wet and a little scared. 

"Yes Miss."  Within seconds the shirt was on the ground and Arista's perfectly round breasts were staring me in the face.  They hadn't sagged so much as a millimeter.  I was transfixed.  "Like what you see?"  All I could do was nod blankly and continue to stare.  "Stick around and I'll show you the bottom half," she said with a sly grin.

"Unfortunately we must be heading on," Miss Reed said to her.  I grabbed my drink and followed her winding path around the tables and chairs.  "I think you've seen most everything in here so we'll head downstairs," she said without missing a step.

The two of us walked through a set of double doors in the southwest corner of the dining room and down a short hallway that opened up into what appeared to be a series of small closets.  "Sometimes our clients want to enjoy an evening without having to care for their subs, so they can leave them in one of these cells."  She opened a door to reveal a small room about six feet square with a number of hooks and bondage points along the walls and ceiling.

A southward jaunt through a wider hall brought us to a lounge with a short bar tucked into the corner.  "A bit more intimate of a dining setting," Miss Reed said, leading me halfway back the way we'd come to the stairwell leading to the basement.

"This is one of the members only areas unless we're putting on a show," she said as the stairs wound around a corner and down to a small waiting area.  To our left a pair of large double doors were open to a large arena-like room with several tables pushed along each wall and an enormous bar in the southeast corner.

"We do musicians, live pornography shows, educational and informational speakers, tutorials and a host of other things.  Later tonight there's a live rope demonstration if you want to stick around for it," she said.  A brisk walk across the dance floor through a door to the left of the stage brought us through another series of halls heading back towards the stairs.  "And these are our private dungeons, not something you'll need to access unless you decide to become a full member."

Miss Reed turned and glanced down at me with a gaze I couldn't place.  It made me feel like a bug under a microscope as her blue eyes bored into me.  "With that tiny little body, I'd love an opportunity to torment you in one of them, but it's probably better if we get you set up doing your actual job, no?"

I gulped and only managed a weak, "yes Miss Reed."

She laughed, "so shy, I can't imagine you as a Domme.  Come on, back upstairs."

My nerves cooled considerable as we found our way back upstairs to my cubicle.  Miss Reed showed me the software I'd be using to track the club's finances.  It really was as simple as she'd said, everyone filled out expense reports detailing their time, and the cost of supplies, and they all came to me.  There were other employees that handled the revenue the club generated in various areas.  The Event Manager handled ticket costs for live shows, for example, and the Restaurant manager handled the money that came in through the Dining Area, but the money they spent on food and supplies came directly to me.

It was easy, but fairly tedious.  I had to read each employee's report, any comments they might have had and decide whether or not the time and costs were accurate and/or justified.  After several timesheets, I hadn't found anything out of the ordinary, but I had to approach everything with the same level of scrutiny because even one mistake could be huge.

After a few hours, Miss Reed came back over to check on me.  "Hard worker too, I like you.  Remember you have until next Tuesday to check this batch of timesheets and expense reports.  It's 7:30, the rope demonstration begins in an hour, why don't you enjoy some of the benefits working here has to offer."

With that she stalked off, leaving me sitting at her desk wondering what she meant.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 7 - Lena's First Day

Freedom of Restraint Episode 7
Lena's First Day

I woke up at eleven even though I didn't need to be into work by four in the afternoon so that I'd have plenty of time to hem and haw over what to wear. I'm not normally the type to waffle over such things, or to be overly concerned with my appearance, but the prospect of starting a new job coupled with the desire to impress the somewhat intimidating Miss Reed had me constantly questioning myself.

It didn't help that there seemed to be no middle ground between Miss Reed's dark formal attire that she'd worn for the interview, and the more casual and revealing dress worn by everyone else at the club when I'd walked through. Blissfully, at around noon, a knock on the door stirred me from my increasing panic.

"Come on in Tara!" I yelled across the apartment knowing that only she could be the one that had come calling. Sure enough, the tall blond gently shut the door behind her and wandered towards where I'd stacked several articles of clothing on my bed.

"Big day, huh?" she asked, setting herself down. I ignored for the moment her short shorts, and the tank top that ended a few inches above her waistline, along with the rope marks that painted several treaded lines across her skin.

"You know this place more than me, what the hell should I wear?"

"Well it's an off day so it doesn't really matter. Miss Reed will set you straight if necessary," she said with a smile.

"I'm looking to avoid that," I said, shuddering at thoughts of what the woman might be capable of if provoked.

"Well dark colors are pretty typical," Tara started, tossing a few white and beige garments aside. "Miss Reed is fond of red and black, which you have in spades. I don't think there's a dress code much beyond that, even for employees. You'll receive a collar denoting your status, that's the most important thing.

In the end I wound up selecting a crisp pair of black slacks along with a blood-red button up shirt and a black blazer. "No heels?" Tara asked as I set a pair of black dress shoes aside for later.

"I hate heels, and I suffer no lack of confidence in being a few inches shorter," I replied.

"Suit yourself," she said, standing and stretching her long legs. "Want to get lunch?" I checked the clock, there was still a few hours until I needed to make my way towards Freedom of Restraint, but I figured that time was better spent enjoying the city than fretting over pointless things at home. I nodded and grabbed a few things before leading her out the door.

* * *

I watched transfixed as the chains disappeared on the hands of the glass doors of Freedom of Restraint. Magic, it was something I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around. What limitations were there...if any? Was literally anything possible? It didn't seem like it since there were still a fair number of problems that existed in the world.

When I walked into the club, only the blonde receptionist was waiting for me. Her enormous breasts nearly spilled out of her black spaghetti string tank top, hulking over a miniscule frame that seemed physically impossible. Her crimson lip gloss turned into a smile as she saw me enter.

"Hey new girl, I'm Anabelle. Miss Reed says you can just head upstairs," she finished with a wink and then turned her attention back to whatever lay on the desk. I pushed my way through the large doors into the bar and restaurant area, again meeting the eyes of the smoky succubus that tended bar. She flashed me a smile, though in the dimmed lighting I couldn't tell if it was encouraging or menacing.

I tried to shake it off as I traipsed my way up the stairs to the third floor and around to the offices. I noticed that one of the cubicles along the wall on my way in had a gleaming gold plate bearing my name upon the wall. I couldn't help but peek inside, noting the odd juxtaposition of a brand new computer complete with dual flat-panel monitors in the decidedly more antiquated club.

I continued onward through the entryway at the end of the hall and over to Miss Reed's office. Not sure of what to do, I timidly knocked on the door. "Come in," Miss Reed called from the inside. Still nervous, I gingerly turned the handle and entered. I had to hold back a gasp as my eyes fell upon the other individual in the room.

He was muscular, despite his slenderness, and somewhat pale. A clear chastity cage sat locked over his cock and was the only piece of clothing he wore. He held a steaming cup of coffee in his hands for Miss Reed, who was engrossed in a set of papers on her desk and looked none too happy about the situation.

"Early and sharply dressed," Miss Reed remarked. "I'm sure some of our members would greatly enjoy the submissive side of you if that's any indication. Sit down," she said, gesturing to the chair.

"This is Leif," she added, noticing where my gaze had lingered. "He got himself into a bit of trouble here so he's working it off, isn't that right?" She reached out and squeezed his balls causing a twitch and a wince, but thankfully for his sake, no spilled coffee.

"Yes Miss," the man responded gingerly, sighing as she let go.

"Down to business," Miss Reed continued. "The particulars of your employment. I think you have a good enough idea of what you'll be doing, what your responsibilities will be, it's time to explain more about the rules and particulars of Freedom of Restraint and what that means for you as both an employee and as a potential member."

I merely nodded, not having the confidence to interrupt her, though no questions had sprung to mind yet. "The building has identified you as a switch from the moment you first set foot within it. Everyone who enters is magically examined and immediately given status within their particular caste. I didn't need to ask what you were, but it's a huge point in your favor that you know yourself well enough to accurately make that assessment. If you had delusions of grandeur or inferiority, I'd have found it much more difficult to offer you this job."

Another nod. I disagreed with her on some levels. I certainly didn't feel like I knew myself all that well, especially given that what little information I had about my heritage and my race was based on an amalgam of "facts" spewed out over the internet.

"As an employee of Freedom of Restraint, you have a small measure of professional authority over all of its clients, and other employees as necessary to complete your job. However, should you chose to be a client and patron of this establishment, then your rights and privileges will be based upon your status as a switch. We have a clear, but relatively short list of rules." With that she spun a sheet of paper around so that I could read and sat back in her chair, calmly running her fingers over the exposed body of Leif.

Freedom of Restraint Rules:

  1. All patrons, clients, and employees are allowed the same basic rights unless they specifically choose to waive them. Those rights are as follows:
    1. The Right to Health and Safety - No member may be injured to a point where their life is in peril.
    2. The Right to Cleanliness - No member may be forced to partake in an activity that is unsanitary.
    3. The Right to Sustenance - No member may be deprived of whatever is needed to sustain them, be it food, drink, blood, sex, or any combination of them.
    4. The Right to Discretion - No member shall be forced to blend their private life at Freedom of Restraint with their public life outside these walls.
    5. The Right to Purity - No member shall be forced to engage in any sexual act.
    6. The Right to Monogamy - If two members are involved in a relationship, than other members of FoR are expected to respect the bounds of that relationship should there be any.
  2. As has been previously stated, these are the basic rights of all members, however some members may choose to waive any or all of these rights and can be treated accordingly.
  3. The order of authority is as follows: Power Dominants, Dominants, Switches, Power Submissives, Submissives, and Slaves.
  4. In agreeing to become a collared member of FoR, one is agreeing to abide by the rules regarding them in their position within the BDSM hierarchy.
  5. Higher ranking members of FoR have preference in dining locations, service, and use of facilities over lower ranking members.
  6. Lower ranking members are expected to obey higher ranking members unless doing so would conflict with the basic member rights set forth by FoR.
  7. Service employees of FoR (i.e. waiters/waitresses, receptionists, professional Dom(me)s and subs, etc.) are subject to the orders of higher ranking members of FoR as well as higher ranking service and executive staff unless said orders conflict with the basic member rights.
  8. Executive employees (i.e. bookkeepers, clerical staff, etc.) are not subject to the orders of higher ranking members of FoR while on duty, but are subject to the orders of higher ranking executive staff. Should they choose to also become full-fledged members of FoR, then they are subject to the same rules as any other member.
  9. No full humans are allowed within FoR. Humans with non-human heritage may be allowed on a case by case basis.
  10. The Age of Consent for participation in activities at FoR shall be 15 for non-humans and 18 for humans.
  11. If a non-member is found guilty of breaking any of the above rules then they are subject to punishment and banishment from the club. If a member is found guilty of breaking any of the above rules, then they are subject to punishment, and temporary restriction of rank.
  12. Any and all disputes and punishments will be officiated by the owner of FoR, Miss Vivian Reed.

"Hopefully not too frightening for you dear," Miss Reed said after several long moments. "Basically as a member of the executive staff, you have a certain level of immunity from its members. A Power Dom, for example can't tell you to do anything, but he can tell one of our waitresses to unbutton and show more cleavage. I on the other hand can do both," she smiled devilishly.

I nodded blankly, setting the sheet back down before I noticed that Miss Reed was still looking at me. "What...oh..." I said, both somewhat shocked, and somewhat embarrassed. Turning red in the face, I reached to my shirt and undid the top two buttons. Is that enough?"

Miss Reed smiled widely. "Excellent dear. Tara said that most of your experience was as a Domme, but it's good to see you know how to take orders."

"Yes Miss," I said. Where had that come from?! It seemed so natural, so inherent to acquiesce to Miss Reed's authority. Her grin grew wider, somehow more mischievous as she reached into her desk and handed me a small blade. "You can signify your agreement by bleeding into the paper. At which point you'll magically be issued a collar. It will be as insubstantial and unnoticeable to humans as your wings, but it will signify your race, orientation, and status to members until you decide to resign your employment and membership, should that day come."

I sat there thinking for a moment. Until I decided to become more involved in the club, all it would really do was identify me as an employee and figure of authority, even though my job would largely involve dealing with my computer rather than other employees or clientele. I had to admit, the other aspects, the fact that it may one day make me subject to the whims of more dominant members made me more eager to sign it, not more hesitant. In addition to turning me on, it was the doorway to the ability to finally learn more about myself that in the end made it an easy decision.

I sliced open my finger and held it to the paper, managing to shake loose a few drops. Almost instantly I felt something appear around my neck, a thin black collar with etchings on it with a subtle aura that made it seem otherworldly. I couldn't wait to get a good look at it in the mirror, but work would have to come first.

"Now that the formalities are taken care of, let me give you a more complete tour and introduce you to some of the other employees." Miss Reed stood and walked around her desk and for the first time I realized that she wasn't wearing any bottoms. It forced me to wonder what she'd had Leif doing before I arrived. Above them she wore a sheer skirt and a simple black corset that did wonders for her ample cleavage. If I were to wear something so revealing in such a formal setting, I would be embarrassed, but on Miss Reed it somehow looked more intimidating.

As she walked past me, tugging on Leif's leash, she caught my eyes tracing their way down her body to her rather perfectly formed ass and gave me a demure smile, gesturing towards the door. "Shall we?"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 6 - Tara and Evan

Freedom of Restraint Episode 6
Tara and Evan

Tara walked noiselessly up to Evan's fourth floor apartment in Queens, her small feet not making so much as a soft patter on the dull maroon carpet, and came to a stop outside of number 406.  Pausing for a moment, she stripped naked and passed her clothes through a mail slot that had been installed in the door at about knee height.

Nude and exposed, she knocked on the door three times in rapid succession before placing them behind her head and waiting.  Her heart began to beat rapidly.  Most of the apartments on the top floor were vacant, but that didn't stop her from growing anxious about being seen.   Anxious and aroused as the humiliation started to take hold.

After what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only one or two, she heard stirring from within.  The door was yanked open and a rough hand grabbed her hair pulling her both into the darkened room and to her knees.  He dragged her across the floor into the center of the room.  Before her eyes could adjust, Tara felt something poking her in the cheek.  She turned and opened her mouth, taking Evan's eight inch cock deep with a small appreciative smile wrapped around his inch and a half of girth.

Tara wordlessly bobbed up and down at Evan's command for several moments until his hands finally released her head.  They moved downward, slipping beneath her elbows and hauling her to her feet.

"Mmm," she moaned appreciatively as he kissed her.  "I love it when you say hello with your dick," she said with a coy smile.

"I love it when you show me how much you want it," he replied, pushing her back down.  She opened her mouth wide again, slowly sliding her lips down the entire length of his shaft.  It had taken her a long time to learn to deepthroat, a long time in which she hadn't been allowed to cum.  While her chastity had been frustrating, it served to deepen her submission and strengthen the ties she felt to Evan.  When she'd finally emerged after touching her nose to Evan's stomach, she felt like she'd won the lottery.

Sucking cock was as pleasurable to her as it was to him.  To see the look of ecstasy on his face, to feel her subtle ministrations making waves throughout his body was the ultimate validation.  Even on her knees at his whim, there was a certain element of control in pleasuring him that she found intoxicating.

After a few more strokes she was being moved around once more.  Feeling his rough Lycan hands contort her into any position he pleased always made her wet.  When he pushed her head to the floor from her kneeling position and placed her arms behind her back, she became even more turned on.  It meant she was about to be tied up.

Sure enough, within seconds she could feel the coarse ropes being wrapped around her wrists.  It was always a special thrill as he slowly tightened the knots, drawing her arms closer and closer together until they were inescapably attached.  Tara arched her back as the elbows came next, again slowly being drawn together, at the same time forcing her to jut her chest outwards, leaving her tits ripe to be grabbed.

"Mmph," Tara groaned as she was shoved onto said chest and stomach.

"Not done yet," Evan said, speaking to her for just the second time as he reached to grab more rope.  With his wide six foot frame, he towered over even the rather tall and filled out Tara.  Evan dropped to one knee and began working on the next set of ties.  He combined the build of a linebacker with the dexterity and attention to detail of a surgeon with the long brown hair of an artist.   Tara was glad to have all three, but most of all, she loved his sheer size.  The fact that he could quite literally pick her up and throw her around was infinitely arousing and it meshed so well with the dominant parts of his personality.

One ankle was quickly lashed to its respective thigh, followed quickly by the other.  Without the ability to do anything but kneel, Tara had a pretty good idea of what Evan had in mind, but was still curious.  The blindfold that he added shortly after only served to add to that curiosity.  She thought that was the end of the things, but she felt several more ropes being wrapped around various parts of her body.  What purpose they served, she couldn't tell.  They certainly weren't restraining her.

She tried to struggle, but soon found her wrists being roped off to those around her ankles affording her almost mo mobility.  Then she felt pressure on her body from the no longer useless ropes hoisting her into the air.

"Ungh," Tara half moaned, half grunted as her arousal at swinging helplessly a few feet above the floor combined with her fear-filled sightlessness.  Though she'd always wanted to, they'd never done a suspension before.  Tara had longed to be completely helpless, without even the friction of the floor to struggle against, to be completely subject to Evan's whims.

"Wet little girl," Evan said in his subtle British accent, sliding a finger into Tara's pussy.  She moaned at the intrusion, only able to nod in response.  "Tsk tsk, I've barely touched you," he said.  "What's got you all wound up?"

"Being your little slut," Tara replied.  Evan drew his hand back and out of Tara, causing her to yelp as he slapped her pussy.  "Sir," she added far too late.  She tested her bonds, seeing how close she could bring her legs together in case of another assault, but merely succeeded in flopping about awkwardly.  Evan saw what she was doing and slapped her again, chuckling at her helpless arousal before clapping her on the thigh and sending her into a slow spin.

"Good, I like an eager whore," he said, bringing her to a stop after a few turns.  Tara smiled at his use of one of the many degrading pet names he had for her and struggled in vain to look through her blindfold to see what he was going to do next.  She could hear Evan moving around with her superior senses, but that was it.  The fact that he could to any number of things to any of her holes with her tied like that drove her to the edge of horny insanity.

After a while the noises ceased and Tara couldn't even tell where Evan was.  After a few seconds of absolute silence, she yelped and tried to contort to protect herself as a harsh strip of leather painted a long red stripe on her exposed stomach.  As slashes two and three struck down, Tara's eyes rolled back into her head and she started to moan.  It hurt so good.  Even as a Vampire with an increased tolerance, she'd always processed pain as pleasure, relishing the moments when her prey fought back, sometimes letting it gain the upper hand, slashing, choking, beating her.

"Unh!"  Another whack struck just above her pussy.  Two more on each thigh.  Evan had increased his pace, she hardly had time to register one hit before she was struck somewhere else. She tried to pretend that she was human and would carry several glorious marks the next day, that vanilla people would see them and gasp, that BDSMers would see them and grin, and most of all that everyone would know what a dirty little sex toy she was.

By the time Evan stopped hitting her, Tara was already too far gone, still moaning at the tender hotness of her flesh.  She was barely able to open her mouth as Evan grabbed two more handfuls of hair and slid himself in deep.

"Mmmh," Tara couldn't help but moan as he slid himself in and out.  She desperately wished she could slide a few fingers downward to increase her own pleasure, though the fact that she had become merely a hole to Evan could almost get her off in itself.

With the rest of her restrained, her tongue worked overtime trying to do what it could to please Evan's cock.  The fact that he started so hard and fast right away meant that he was close already and things were more in his hands than hers (figuratively speaking) but she tried nonetheless.

Following  prolonged sprint, he slowed, sliding himself in deep and holding her head all the way down on his cock.  After a few moments she started to struggle, needing to breathe but his hand stayed clamped down tight, forcing her to earn her freedom.  When she started to choke and gag he finally allowed her to pull off and take a breath before resuming his short quick thrusts between her lips.

Tara could feel Evan start to harden as the impending orgasm approached.  She started to moan as he slid in and out, begging for a taste of his cum.  Evan didn't disappoint as he slowed and dropped spurt after spurt onto her tongue and down her throat, each drop of bitter saltiness bringing waves of pleasure.  She grinned in accomplishment and swallowed when he pulled out, taking care not to waste a drop.

"The best part about your heritage," Evan started, "is that you can take so much more punishment.  Half hour to an hour and a human would be done in that position.  You on the other hand, can handle it all day.  And since I've got a few errands to run, so you shall."

"Oh god," Tara yelped as Evan brought a hand down on her ass with the full brunt of his Lycan strength.  That mark would stick around a little while.

"But I won't leave you bored," he said, grabbing a few objects from a nearby chest.  Tara could feel something being pressed up against her clit and the side of her left leg.  Evan's nimble hands worked at wrapping several lengths of bondage tape around the device and her leg holding it firmly in place.

"You seem pretty wound up so I'll start you off high," he said, flicking the vibrator to its highest setting.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Tara screamed as the devices ministrations nearly brought her already throbbing pussy over the edge instantly.  Within seconds she was moaning and writhing helplessly against the ropes, trying to grind herself against it.

"Have fun," Evan said, patting her on the back.  Tara didn't even notice.   "I'll be back in a few hours."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 5 - Miss Reed

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 5
Miss Reed


"See you then," the tall, dark haired Miss Reed said as she hung up the phone.  She slid the small black device shut and set it on top of a short squat chest that had been shoved against the wall.  Her attention turned back towards the subject bound spread to the Saint Andrew's cross in the center of the room.

"Please Miss," the man begged.  He no longer struggled against his restraints.  Whether it was because he had grown weary, or because he knew it was futile remained unclear.  Even if the knots weren't magically tied, Vivian Reed was an excellent rigger.  Her subjects were always constrained to the degree of freedom she wanted to allow them.

His eyes couldn't help but scan her body.  She knew he didn't deserve to see even a hint of skin, let alone all that was bared by her skimpy leather thong and sheer bra, but she knew her sexuality was an important element of control.  That she could strike fear into his heart at the same time she struck arousal into his cock gave her many advantages.

In spite of the seriousness of the present situation, it was sticking outward at half mast, a pleasant, but unspectacular six inches of circumcised flesh.  Miss Reed walked over and ran a hand lightly up his leg and over his package, causing it to stiffen considerably and start to turn upwards.

"Mmm," Miss Reed purred.  "I'll have some fun with that later."  She gripped the shaft with a gloved hand, giving it a few short strokes before bringing the other palm up swiftly.  The man grunted and jumped as it came into contact with his balls and squeezed just enough to hurt.

His limbs came to life again, pulling at the ropes that held him fast.  He had the stereotypically wiry muscular body of a nymph and the accompanying lack of strength.  Nymphs tended to be gorgeous, if you were into thin, sometimes gaunt men and women, but those muscles were only for show.  They weren't even as strong as most humans.

Content that she had his attention, Miss Reed stepped back a few paces.  She whirled and cracked a whip across his bare stomach, painting a long and ugly red stripe.  Several more slashes started to change the hue from his natural olive to a distinctly more tender color.  Miss Reed moved downwards, abusing his legs, coming so close, but always just missing his quivering manhood.  She had special plans for that.

The nymph's grunts slowly turned to whimpers as he struggled to maintain his composure.  Miss Reed worked her way all the way down his legs before starting upwards once more.  As she started to hit some of the previous wounds, the man started to cry.  "Painful?" she asked without a hint of remorse.  The man nodded weakly, slumping against the ropes.  "Good," she said venomously as she cracked him hard on the stomach.  A thin line of blood appeared before healing itself almost instantaneously.

Miss Reed hit him several more times, pausing after each to let the wounds heal before coiling the whip and setting it aside.  "I'd love to burn the fuck out of you, but I can't have you setting fire to the place," she commented, knowing that her voice probably barely registered within the fire nymph's head. 

Nymphs were split into four classes, based on the elemental force that they could control.  They couldn't create something out of nothing, but when that force was present, they could control it with surprising grace.  Their elemental prowess, however, was negated by a lack of actual physical strength.  Like succubae and incubi, they were a race dependent upon sex for nourishment, but even with frequent encounters, their bodies remained weak.

"Please," the man gasped, rolling his head back and banging it against the edge of the cross.

"Please what," Miss Reed said harshly, squeezing and pulling on his balls once more.  "There is no please, you fucked up, and now you're paying for it."

"I didn't know," he pleaded.  "Ahh!"

"Bullshit," Miss Reed countered, digging her nails in and eliciting a scream.  "You're willing to put your dick in anything, you're slutty even for a nymph.  Age, race, you don't care.  Truthfully, I don't either.  Our culture has very lax standards when it comes to age and if you want to fuck children, you go ahead.  It's when you try bringing one onto the premises that I have an issue.  Do you have any idea what would happen if a twelve year old human girl was found here?"  She pulled harder, prompting more noises from the nymph.

"You're lucky I don't rip these off," she said, finally letting go.  The man tried to curl against his bonds in an effort to address the throbbing pain in his testicles.  "I'm going to do the next best thing though," she said, opening the chest and reaching in.

After a short search she produced a small metal device.  Stooping low, she grabbed the nymph's cock and slid it into the sleeve of the device.  A pair of rings wrapped around the base of his cock and balls and the entire assembly was fastened together with a small black padlock.  She took a step back and admired her work.  She'd always been fond of chastity devices, especially as a means for keeping miscreants in line.  Only a small bit of magic was necessary to seal the device on.  It wouldn't do to have him attempting to cut it off, dangerous as that was.

The man registered what had happened for the first time and started to panic.  "Chastity?  How the hell am I supposed to get fucked, you're going to kill me!"

Miss Reed smiled and ran a hand down his side before squeezing his ass.  "Oh you're going to get fucked.  You're going to be one of the house slave for a week."  An evil grin spread across her face as she left the room.

Miss Reed headed up out of the basement and over to the receptionists desk, telling the buxom young blond to prepare a bed to accommodate another house slave.  The house slaves were a collection of about a half dozen uncollared submissives who pledged their loyalty and their services to FoR until they found a suitable Dom or Domme to collar them.  FoR gave them a place to stay, a sense of service, and the means to look for someone to tether themselves to, and in return, the slaves provided sexual pleasure for the members of FoR as requested as well as a host of other services related to the upkeep of the establishment.

"A fucking twelve year old," she muttered as she headed up the stairs to her office to change.  It was bad enough that she had to bribe health inspectors and a few law enforcement officials to keep their mouths shut.  There were non-human members in several key positions, but sometimes it wasn't enough and money simply had to change hands.  It was annoying at times, but it kept everyone out of the public eye and safe.  But if a child became involved, especially a human child, no amount of money would matter.  The story would get out and everyone in the city would be all over them in a heartbeat.

As a rule, humans generally weren't allowed in FoR.  Only if they had some non-human lineage, or had been raised by non-humans.  Letting too many people in regular society in on the clubs' secrets would be foolhardy at best.  Plus humans tended to be less trusting, more motivated by greed, and less sexually mature than their non-human counterparts.  It would be a disaster.

Miss Reed pulled a black skirt that stopped a few inches above her knees on over her thong and buttoned up a black collared shirt.  She supposed she'd have to let the man free eventually, but for now she'd let him hang off the cross.  He deserved it. 

Pausing for a moment, she grinned maliciously before she called the front desk.  "Call for Vek," she said sweetly to the young receptionist.  "Tell him he's got a new toy he can play with in dungeon two."