Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 15 - Aftermath

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 15

Tuesday Night

Tara was equal parts intrigued and scared completely shitless.  Evan's wolf form noticed her swinging above the room immediately.  While he couldn't reach her, that didn't stop him from trying, jumping and snarling at the suspended cage for much of the night.

After a while he tired himself out and curled into a large ball on the couch where'd he'd eventually be found untransformed in the morning.  When he was asleep, there looked to be little dangerous about him.  He was more like a large dog stealing an illicit nap on the furniture than a killer.

As Evan slept, so was Tara able to catch some time for herself on the not comfortable, not entirely uncomfortable floor of the swinging cage.  When she came to in the later afternoon, Evan was peeling his nude body off the couch and heading for the bedroom emerging a few seconds later with a handful of clean clothes.

He took his time getting dressed, enjoying the trapped nude form of Tara for several moments before finally lowering the cage and releasing her.  Tara stretched for a few moments before turning to her boyfriend.  "May I dress?"

"You may.  Dress heavy.  I think we'll head over to FoR for breakfast.  If the wolf isn't fed, the human winds up twice as hungry."

"Thank you sir," Tara said, wandering off in search of her own set of clothes.  She wasn't much of a breakfast eater, but she didn't always want to pass it up either.  Plus the option became much more palatable when the food being offered was high quality and didn't have to be prepared.

She wound up wearing a decidedly slutty white tank top that was almost sheer and did little to hide her bra-lessness along with a short pair of jean-shorts.  For the purposes of getting to the club she had high boots and a long hooded leather trenchcoat.  She would still be uncomfortable, even with all the parts of her body covered, but it would be enough to get her there where she could hang out until nightfall.

The walk to the club was what she expected, skin-crawlingly uncomfortable in an annoyingly vague sort of way.  She let out a sigh of relief when the doors allowed the two of them entry and she was able to ditch the coat.

There were a few stares that came her way, there always were, leers because of the amount of skin she showed or disgusted glares at the unseemly pairing of a vampire and a lycan.  She shook them off, sliding into a booth opposite Evan and hastily ordered some toast and scrambled eggs while her male counterpart went for a decidedly meatier dish.

The two of them ate in silence as Tara used her acute hearing to eavesdrop on a few of the conversations happening elsewhere in the room.

"What the hell do you expect me to do being here like this?"  A fire nymph, one of the newer house slaves, and only a temporary one from what Tara knew was gesturing wildly at another man of indeterminate race while trying to keep his voice to a whisper.

"You made a commitment and a promise," came the low reply.  "Deliver or you'll be subject to worse than what you're getting here."

"You're the one that's responsible for my being here asshole."

"Hardly.  You have the stupidity of your own horniness to blame.  Your fetishes and my business may have some overlapping traits, but they're separate."

"Anyways, I doubt you can do worse," the nymph said rolling his eyes.  "Talk to me when I get out of here, then I'll be able to take stock of what sort of merchandise I can bring you."

"The quality better be higher than the last crop.  Two of the girls were seventeen.  That's too old, and the one little boy had a tiny dick."

"Of course he did, he was thirteen," the nymph countered.  "Look, I don't control what runs away, I just give you the merchandise, and you tag them and pass them off to your clients.  You want better stuff, get out of trafficking runaways and get into kidnapping rich kids.  Aw fuck, someone else wants to put their dick in me, I have to go."

Tara turned her head back to her food, not realizing that her gaze had started to wander in the direction of the conversation.  She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but she had a pretty damn good idea...and she didn't like it.

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