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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 9 - Tara and Evan Continued

Freedom of Restraint Episode 9
Tara and Evan Continued

"They're pretty," Tara said, studying the rope marks that had already half faded from her wrists, ankles, and a few other areas of her body.  She was kneeling on the floor in front of Evan's couch with her legs spread wide and her hands resting palm up on her thighs, a very standard slave position and one of Evan's favorites.  He watched TV while he enjoyed the lunch she'd made him, a club sandwich that seemed so much more delectable than the simple combination of meats and cheeses and greens suggested.

"It's too bad they don't last longer," Evan remarked, enjoying the unhindered view he had of her body.  "I like seeing traces of my work, but I don't like hurting you...too much," he added with a sly grin.

"Such a nice Sir," Tara teased.

"Two," Evan said simply.  Tara moved, inching herself closer to the couch.  Remaining kneeling, she leaned forwards until her head was on the ground and crossed her wrists behind her.  Evan traced the naked arch of her back with his feet before resting one atop her nicely displayed ass and pushing into her back with the other.  It increased the strain that was on her neck and knees and prompted a small moan from Tara.

"Am I nice now?" he asked.

"No Sir," she squeaked, beginning to drip, both at the pain and at being in such a degrading position.  He could have his way with her in a number of ways in this position and she could do nothing about it.

Evan loved the way this contortion of Tara's body intensified the curves of her legs and ass, and the parts that it left available for his torment.  He lazily brushed Tara's pussy from behind with one of his feet, causing her to jump and sigh deeply before returning his attention to his show.
*    *    *

Tara stayed that way for two hours as one show ended and another began.  It grew painful within mere minutes, but Tara was far too proud to say anything.  If Evan needed some pain from Tara in order to be pleased then so be it.  Still, she was grateful when he finally said, "okay, come sit by me."

She slid herself next to him on the couch draping her naked legs across his lap and wrapping her arms around his chest and neck.  "Thank you Sir," she whispered softly, kissing his cheek.  "You're welcome slave," he said, kissing her back and pulling her in closer.  As a Vampire, she never really got cold, but it still felt good to feel the heat radiating off his Lycan body anyways.  It always served to quicker soothe the parts of her that had been ravaged by whatever tortures she'd undergone.

"So how are we doing things tonight?" Tara asked timidly.  It was one of the worst nights for Evan's transformations, in which his control over the beast was almost naught.  Typically Tara locked Evan in his apartment around nine when the transformations began, and stayed holed up in her own until it came time to free him.

"A little different than usual," Evan said as he squeezed a few choice parts of Tara's body.  Tara was puzzled but said nothing.  If Evan wanted her to know more, he'd have told her.  "Did you have a good time with your friend earlier?" he asked.

"Yeah, we didn't do anything," Tara confessed, "just hung out and got lunch.  She was worried about her first day."

"Mmm," Evan murmured, nodding in agreement.  "I look forward to meeting her, and possibly seeing the two of you interact."

"She's nice," Tara explained, "a little timid, mostly because up until now she didn't know what to make of not being human, and she didn't know that there were other non-human races.  So she feels like a stranger in a new city.  I guess in some ways she is."

"And she's quite attractive," Evan said with a grin.

"Yeah, she's small but...yummy.  I don't think she'd submit to you," Tara confessed.  "She says she's a switch, but...I just can't see it."

"Good thing I have you then," Evan said, kissing Tara on the lips.

"Yes Sir," she replied breathily, shifting so that her ass rubbed some more on his stiffening cock.  It was a risky gambit as she could just as easily find herself getting tortured for being a tease as she could find herself where she wanted, impaled.  As Evan hoisted her up and led her to the bedroom, she wasn't sure which was in the cards for her, but she ached to find out.

To her surprise and happiness, he was in no mood for foreplay or complicated ties as he grabbed her by the neck, lifted her off the ground, and tossed her onto the bed.  She laid there, slowly sliding her hands above her head as he stripped off his shirt and undid his pants.  The display of his dominance and a view of his subtle musculature was more than enough to get her wet.

As he climbed onto the bed, she spread her legs invitingly, but he slapped her inner thigh.  "No, over," was all he said.

Tara turned onto her stomach wondering what Evan had in mind.  The tip of his cock sliding its way slowly into her ass within a few seconds answered those questions.  He gently worked himself the rest of the way in, prompting both moans of pleasure and gasps of pain from Tara.  Anal was...different, less pleasurable and yet somehow more.  Tara couldn't quite explain it, even though it wasn't anywhere near the spots that she liked to have touched, there was something about it that made her drip with arousal.

"There's got to be some consequences for you being a filthy little tease earlier," Evan whispered in her ear.  "But I wanted to fuck you, so you get some measure of a reward too."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir," she whispered as he forced her head down into the pillow.  She loved being taken from behind, it was so forceful, there was so much he could do to her.  She tried to struggle against his grip to see how strong it was, but the clenched fist that was filled with her hair afforded her no movement, sending a wave of pleasure shivering up her spine.  She tried to push up with her arms, but the strength of his thrusts only forced her into the bed once more.

"Mmm," she moaned as the girth of Evan's cock made its presence in her ass very apparent.  The violation of what seemed so taboo a hole always made the act so enjoyable for her, regardless of how willing she was.  That Evan was so big enough to fill her, and at times hurt her made things even better.  She loved it when he was rough, when he drove into her hard and fast like he did then, selfishly only caring about his pleasure.  Being nothing more than a receptacle for whatever he wanted was like a dream for her.

As Evan thrust harder, Tara began to fade away, not quite into unconsciousness, but to a point where the sensations of the moment began to blend together.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt like she was floating, an atom being bombarded with opposing particles, the pleasure of being in the moment, and the pain of the act itself.

It was as though the sensations continued to increase in intensity as Evan brought himself closer to orgasm, and Tara grew closer herself.  He noticed that her fingers had wandered to her pussy, though she probably had no idea what was happening and decided to allow her that small moment of pleasure.  It would soon be over for the both of them anyways.

Tara had little idea what was happening to her.  The dueling feelings brought by Evan's onslaught mixed with the pleasure from her own fingers to create something spectacular.  The bubble in which she floated grew larger and larger from the contributions from all three sources as she felt something growing within her.  After several long minutes in which she was in danger of being pushed out of consciousness entirely, it burst.

Tara writhed about on the bed as a series of orgasms hit her hard.  Even after Evan had finished with her, she continued to grip the sheets and contort for some time.  Finally after several moments her breathing regulated and she fell asleep, still naked with one arm hanging off the edge of the bed.

Evan gently lifted her off the bed and carried her back into the living room.  Tucked into a corner was a small metal cage which soon found itself filled by Tara's docile form.  He used some rope and an eye-hook in the ceiling to hoist it off the ground and then went back to the bedroom to prepare for his transformation.

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