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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 13 - Leif's Folly

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 13
Leif's Folly

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

Arista grabbed Leif from the House Slaves' room and led him down into one of the private dungeons.  Even though she was sometimes self conscious about her heritage and gender, there was something undeniably arousing about forcing her penis on those that weren't necessarily the biggest lovers of cock.

Leif certainly fit that bill, a straight dominant who had been forced into subservience by Miss Reed as punishment.  As a fire nymph, he needed sex for sustenance though it didn't matter which gender it came from.  Since the majority of Dommes were either not interested in the male slaves for sexual purposes, or utilized Anabelle's extensive talents, that sustenance had come exclusively from men so far.

"Don't get excited, I have a penis," Arista said as she leashed Leif and dragged him down the hallway.  A small smile crossed her face as she saw Anabelle on her knees in Lena's cube, but it quickly vanished.

"I know who you are," Leif said simply.  "I have for some time."

"Okay, I've decided you only speak when spoken to," Arista said.

"As you wish," Leif said, meeting her glare with a short emotionless grin.

She continued harshly tugging his naked form though the halls of FoR until they'd found their way into the northernmost dungeon in the basement.  Arista cuffed his hands behind his back and set him on a small leather kneeler.  She draped his elbows over the horizontal portion of a T-bar and linked the cuffs to a small loop near the base, effectively holding him in place.

"Now we get to have some fun," Arista said with a grin, starting to shed a few layers of clothing.

"We?" Leif asked.

"Fine, maybe just me," Arista amended, sliding her panties over her cock and down her legs.

"Oh thank god," Leif said with a sigh.

"Yeah I hear you've been a favorite of Vek's," Arista said, grabbing a few implements from a nearby cabinet.  "Mine's not as...grand.  But it'll do."

Arista knelt by the floor, fumbling with some wires.  "I know you don't swing this way so I've got to give you some incentive to do a good job."  Leif grunted as two clips were attached to his scrotum.  Arista grabbed the box that was wired to the metal clips, turned the dial halfway and flipped the switch.

Leif doubled over, or at least tried to against his restraints as a particularly unkind jolt of electricity surged into his genitals.  Arista smiled at his uncomfortable reaction and turned the device off.  She showed him the box so he could see how much more current she could pump into him.  "Incentive.  Understand?"

Leif nodded with a sad frown, eying Arista's completely stiff cock.  Arista slid her chair until Leif was nestled tightly in between her legs.  Her cock pointed outward towards Leif's lips, curving only slightly upward.

Leif opened his mouth slightly, fully aware of what Arista was getting at.  A hard slap in the face prompted him to open it wider as she slid herself between his lips. Another shock added further encouragement.  "You have a tongue, use it."

Leif started tepidly moving his tongue over her shaft until another shock produced more enthusiasm.  " it?"  Though his skill had been rarely used on male anatomy, Leif's sustenance depended on sex.  He was as effortlessly skilled at it as a human being would be at eating or breathing and Arista took notice.

She forced more of herself upon him so that he was taking a little over half of her.  She enjoyed thrusting herself into the mouth of someone, particularly if taking cock deep was difficult for them.  To her dismay though Leif took the extra inches without trouble, continuing his unseen work.  Unhindered she slowly pushed forwards, sliding more and more of herself down Leif's throat.  When there was simply nothing further to insert she let out a low moan.  "That's impressive."

Leif rolled his eyes and continued to work her shaft, attempting to get the act over with as soon as possible.  Arista was too perceptive for him though and slid her dripping cock out of his mouth.  She gave him another jolt of electricity prompting another grunt and an attempt to double over.

"This isn't a race, take your time and make me good and happy."  She slapped him lightly in the cheek, prompting a bit of drool to run back to her cock before shoving it back in his mouth and thrusting gently.

"You are as advertised hun," Arista breathed as Leif's tongue paid particular attention to the sensitive spot below her head.  She thrusted deep once more, lifting her hips up off her seat to do so, giggling at the tickle of Leif's beard against her smooth balls before sitting back down again and allowing him to continue servicing her.

The position Leif was in coupled with the restraints made for some difficulty in pleasuring her.  All he could really do was bob his head which quickly tired his neck.  With the influence of the electrodes however, he could easily ignore that pain in fear of receiving a greater one.

Arista cupped her breasts and moaned as Leif worked her with the expertise only a nymph or succubus could bring.

"Mmm, that's right baby," Arista said, running a hand through Leif's short dark hair and forcing him to increase his pace.  After several seconds, she could feel things building within her.  "Now you can start working on getting me off," Arista informed him.

Leif answered the call with gusto, straining even further against his bonds to pleasure the full length of her cock.  A trail of saliva had run down the shaft to her balls and dripped onto the floor as Leif's lips slid up and down her.

"Mmm," she hummed as Leif got her closer and closer.  Almost without warning she could feel things rising within her.  She stood suddenly, knocking the chair backwards and pulled away, picking up with her own hand where Leif left off.

"God damnit," Leif muttered just before the first rope of cum hit him in the face.  Evidently it had been some time since Arista had last came because the several streams that followed were enough to thoroughly cover the cringing Leif.

"Beautiful," she said, surveying her work.  She thumbed the knob of the electrical box before turning it halfway and pressing the button down once more.

"Why?" Leif gasped, dripping some of Arista's cum onto the floor.

"Because I can," Arista said with an evil grin.  "And because everyone knows that if you're in here, you deserved it."  She leaned forward and added a fair amount of spit to the facial she'd given him.  "You scumbag."

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