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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 12 - Gaining Comfort

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 12
Gaining Comfort

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

Miss Reed's sudden appearance left me a bit rattled, and it seemed Arista as well as she went partially limp in my hand.  There was a moment of awkwardness as I let go and she tucked herself away and straightened her clothes, but within a few moments her smile was back.  "Maybe later," she said with a wink.

I sat back up at my desk chair trying to find a way to calm my nerves and steady my shaking hands.  "Jesus Christ," Arista said.  "She's not that scary.  She's really quite long as you're good.  And you don't strike me as the bratty type."

"I know," I said.  It was true, even though Miss Reed gave off such an intimidating vibe, I could see the kindness, the benevolence, the compassion in her eyes.  She may have lorded over us from a position of power, but the fact that she cared about the employees and patrons of FoR seemed to eclipse that.  At least that's what I tried to tell myself.

"Probably just new girl jitters," I admitted.  "It takes me a while before I feel comfortable... well... anywhere.  The fact that there's all these new races, and the intimidation factor of the BDSM culture doesn't help either..."

" need to get in touch with some confidence, bring out the Domme half of that Switch designation."

"I guess," I said.

"No, seriously, let's go find a couple of playthings," she said rising and taking me by the hand.

Numbly I followed her out the cubicle entrance and towards the door to the house slaves' quarters.  I hadn't paid much attention to the door before when Miss Reed had given me my tour, but up close I could see it was different than the others.  The majority of the top half was a touchscreen that showed a remarkably lifelike wood screensaver when not in use.  So lifelike that I didn't even notice it wasn't part of the door until we approached and it switched to an options menu.

It was a simple array of thumbnails of each of the house slaves that could be magnified to reveal more pictures and information as well as their availability.  Arista clicked through a few of them, showing me how the system worked.  Tapping one of the thumbnails brought up a cycle of pictures on the left and their physical attributes on the right as well as their orientation, limits, and acts in which they were particularly skilled.

There were a few that I'd seen before, namely the nymph that Miss Reed had been dragging around whose temporary punished status was indicated by red font.  Most of the others though were attractive, but unfamiliar.  I was having trouble getting used to the idea of having someone, or several someones at my fingertips, though I suppose that considering my race, and unique needs, it wasn't all that different than having blood on hand for the vampires, or even food and drink on hand for everyone.

"So what's your pleasure?  Tits, giant cock, oral skills..." Arista pressed, cycling through pictures at a blurred pace.

"Tits are nice," I said awkwardly.  The word always sounded so strange to me, so crude, so...beneath me.

 "Yeah?" Arista asked with a surprised smile.

I nodded.  Not that Tara's weren't nice, but they were a little underwhelming.  The thought of getting my hands on something that filled them a bit more was...pleasant to say the least.

"Well, I think I have someone in mind.  Killing two birds with one a way.  She scrolled through the short list of people and settled on one in particular.  "Good, she's free...she's pretty popular," Arista said while I continued to rattle about in my own head.

The soft sound of a door opening did little to shake me out of my stupor, but the high pitched excitable voice succeeded where it failed.  "Hi Arista...Hi Lena!  We haven't really met too much, I'm Anabelle!"

"Isn't she cute?" Arista asked with a smile, gesturing towards the perky Anabelle.

Cute...was not the right word, not in the way I was looking at her.  Sure Anabelle had the cheer and the smile, and curly blonde hair that many would probably label cute, but she also had the most contradictory pairing of a tiny waist and thin body with massive DD breasts I had ever seen.  It didn't help that the only thing covering her body was a half-cut spaghetti string tank top and a short pair of black shorts that might as well have not existed.

"What can I do for the two of you?" Anabelle asked smiling.

"A whole lot of things honey," Arista said, grabbing each of us by the wrist and dragging us back to my cube.  "Anabelle here is darling...and damn good at her craft," Arista said, throwing me back into my desk chair.

"You need to learn to relax," she said to me, planting her hands firmly on my shoulders.  "You," she turned to Anabelle who was standing politely at attention, "need to get on your knees."

Anabelle complied immediately with a smile on her face.  There was such a submissive glint in the look she gave me that I couldn't help but get a bit wet despite the fact that my nerves were still sending the rest of me shaking into awkwardness.  "Miss Marov here is in charge.  She may be a little shy, but she's in charge.  Your job is to make her feel a little less shy.  Understand?"
"Yes Miss Moore," Anabelle said with a cute little nod.  She fell forward onto her hands and seemed to glide forwards until her head hovered a few inches above my lap.  The position caused her tank top to hang low and gave me a perfect sightline to her immaculately round and abundantly large breasts.

"Mmm," Anabelle hummed, noticing where my eyes had fallen and peeled down the straps on her tank top.  She slid them slowly over her shoulders until she had unearthed what lie beneath and forced the inconsequential bit of fabric to her waist.

All of a sudden, there they were, hanging the mere inches they'd dropped unrestrained.  Before I knew what was happening, I'd reached out a timid right hand and begun gently squeezing the massiveness.  Her bust more than filled my hand, too firm to spill over, but trying to anyways as I groped her.

"I thought I saw them catch your eye," Anabelle said with a smirk.

"How long have you been a receptionist here?" I asked.

"Jesus Christ, you have that before you and you want to talk?  Trust me, her mouth is twice as nice as her tits."

"Excuse me, but I like to at least know who I'm fondling," I said, my anger rising.  Sometimes Arista could be a bit...much.

She only grinned.  "Rawr, there's some of that apparent dominance."

I turned back to Anabelle, "so..."

"Miss Reed caught me trying to sneak in when I was a kiddie.  I'm actually half human, but she offered me a job to keep me from getting into trouble.  Once I was here a while I got more and more involved with the lifestyle, and I've been a house slave for about three years."

"Do you want to undo my pants?"  I could tell the quick change of subjects caught off guard, but she quickly recovered and smiled sweetly.

"With pleasure Miss Marov," she said, reaching forwards and unbuttoning my slacks.  I lifted my ass a few inches off the seat so she could slide them down over my ankles and toss them into a corner.

"Now you're getting into it," Arista said from behind me.  "Go for the pathetic excuse for shorts next."

I turned around and attempted to glower at her.  Annoyingly, I only got a smirk in return, but she surprised me.  "Sorry, I'll let you two have your moment while I go make one of my own.  I've been dying to sink my teeth into Leif...and sink something else into him as well."  She kissed me on the cheek.  "Find me later," she said, walking out the door.

Finally I was able to focus my full attention on Anabelle.  "She's right about two things," I said with a coy smile.

"What's that Miss Marov?"

"You are adorable...and you do need to lose the rest of your clothing."  It seemed she was naked before I could even blink, tossing the black fabric into a corner and looking to me for further instructions.  Her body was immaculate, her curves perfectly sculpted, and she was completely devoid of hair below the neck.

"Call me Lena too," I told her.  "I don't know many people here...and I'd much rather there be a foundation of friendship rather than one of you just doing things for me."

"Sure," she grinned brightly.

"Well I suppose I am a bit overdressed," I said, unbuttoning the red dress shirt that still hugged my body and sliding the tank top beneath over my head.  Without a bra, that left only the miniscule black thong beneath.

I felt odd.  To put it bluntly, Anabelle was way hotter than me.  To have her wrapped her around my finger was strange.  Tara was attractive in her own right, but I still felt like we were on relatively equal footing.  Anabelle was different...Anabelle was gorgeous.

Still she was so submissive, so cutesy, that she made it easy to take control.  "Why don't you slip these off for me," I said, returning her smile.  Her nimble fingers felt magical, even over so innocuous an area as my hips and outer thighs.  I couldn't wait to see what else she could do with them.

She was already beginning to have an effect as her warm breath barely brushed across my pussy, sending tingles throughout my body.  "Alright," I breathed, sliding a few fingers into her curly hair and pulling her forwards.  "Let's see what you can do."

The second her tongue touched me, it was like an explosion of bliss.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  When to lick, when to suck, how to subtlely take breaths so it seemed she never stopped.  My eyes rolled back in my head, I had no idea what her tongue was doing, nor did I care.

"Unh," I moaned as two said nimble fingers slid deftly up my legs, barely caressing my inner thighs before finding their way between my lips.  The twin attacks of her slender fingers on my g-spot and her tongue on my clit caused my entire body to writhe in ecstasy and my mind to forget where it was.

The volume of the profanities that escaped my lips increased in intensity with each lick and caress.  The office building faded away until it was just her and I.  My eyes rarely opened, but when they did, the sight of Anabelle's gorgeous face buried between my legs was almost enough to send me over the edge by itself.

As it was the sensations were doing their job of raising me to new heights of pleasure.  "Please cum for me Miss..." that voice, so cute, so submissive, so acquiescent...that was what finally did it.  My hand flew to the back of her head pulling her close.  She was going to do it my way, on my terms, and she wasn't pulling away until I was ready.

Anabelle answered the call, bring her movements to an intensity I thought could only be reserved for machines.  She knew exactly where to slide her tongue, exactly when to suck with her full lips, exactly when to slow...and start up again.  I came, hard, with her guiding me the entire way with her tongue.  It felt like the orgasm lasted far longer than the several seconds I knew it did.  When I finally did release Annabelle's head, she was panting heavily.

"Air is good," she said with a smile.  "Did I do well?"

"Fantastic," I said, sitting back in the chair.

"Thank you Miss."

I sat up slightly and groped about the cubicle for my clothes.  "Come, I'll get you a drink," I said with a smile.  "We'll leave Arista to herself until she's done."

"Yes Miss, shall I dress."

I laughed, unused to taking someone so submissive into a public setting.

"I suppose you'd better."

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