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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 11 - Chasing Arista

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 11
Chasing Arista

Monday Night

I ran alongside the seating area towards the back of the room and the stairs, ignoring the glances and whispers as I did so.  Arista didn't get that much of a head start, but it was pretty significant so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to catch her before she left the club.

Luck was on my side however as I almost quite literally ran into her when I emerged from the hallway that led to the basement steps.  Evidently she'd rushed to grab her things from the bar and was on her way out.  A few seconds later and I'd have missed her completely.

When she saw me, she tried to quicken her pace and run past me, but I caught her by the arm.  "Wait...please..."  It was all I could get out.  I couldn't even figure out what I wanted to say.  I was confused and a little hurt at Arista's abrupt and somewhat judgmental reaction to my inadvertent discovery.  I could understand the embarrassment on her part.  I'm sure many hadn't taken kindly to her gender and had responded with cutting negativity rather than my innocent curiosity.

"Let me go," she said, giving me a withering glare.  I could see that her makeup had begun to run.  She'd been crying, likely the entire way up from the basement.  For once I wasn't taken aback by her aggressiveness.  Whether it was because in her embarrassment I thought I had an inkling of power, or because of my curiosity, I didn't know, but words began to come.

"Fine, but only if the two of us head upstairs together rather than you heading out alone."

"I don..." she began, but I cut her off.

"I do.  I'm not going to judge you, I'm curious.  And I like're the only one I really know here, I don't want this to make or break our friendship."

"I...fine," she said.  When she stopped pulling away from me, I let her go.  Together we traversed the dining area and headed up to my cubicle.  It wasn't that private per se, but with everyone either eating or downstairs, it might as well have been.

I grabbed a spare seat from a nearby cube and pulled it into my own.  Sighing, Arista dropped her coat and sat down, looking about the small enclosure before looking at me once more.  In that instant it seemed that some of her confidence and dominance had returned, and I began wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

"Sorry about running off," she started.  "It's not exactly something I advertise...especially to people I've just met."

"It's okay," I said, struggling to meet her rapidly strengthening gaze.  It seemed like my testimony of acceptance was all she needed to recover because she pressed onward before I had a chance to speak.

"So, you're curious, ask questions," she said with a small smile.

" you have a penis..." I said lamely.

Arista laughed.  It was good to hear, comforting that she'd gotten over the initial shock of my discovery, but at the same time it made me feel small and meek in her presence, like I owed her something.  "Yes, I have a penis..." she started condescendingly.

"So were you born male or female, or male...did you take hormones?"  I said forcing myself to ask a coherent, if rambling question.

"I was born just the way I am darling, tits, cock, and all.  Don't know if it was a product of my mixed heritage and what, I just know that I have what I have."

"So do you consider yourself male or female or..."  I realized it might have been a contentious question, especially considering how distraught Arista had been immediately after I'd found out, but it seemed like she'd quickly grown comfortable once she found out I wasn't at all put back or disgusted.

"Neither, I'm me," she said simply with a resoluteness that inspired my next question.

"So why do you hide it, or why was it so bad when I found out?"

"Well I like and am comfortable with who I am.  But that doesn't mean most others are.  And it doesn't make it any easier to take.  I've had some bad experiences in the past, some really cutting comments, and even a bit of abuse.  I guess my first response is to run before any of that can have an impact, regardless of who I'm dealing with.  Confidence doesn't make harsh remarks any easier..."

"We'll I'm no stranger to penises...or's just that the combination is new to me," I said softly, trying not to let my eyes wander downward.  I couldn't say for certain, but it had felt rather nice against her jeans.  Too bad my efforts were unsuccessful.  With the grin that spread across Arista's face, I should have known what was coming. 

Still I was shocked when a hand wandered to her belt and started to undo it.  "'ve seen the top half, do you want a look at the bottom half?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said gulping.  Where had that come from?  For all intents and purposes, Arista and I were on a level playing field.  But that's sure not what it felt like.  I couldn't help but feel smaller than her, not only in stature, but within the establishment as well.

"Get on your knees and ask nicely," Arista said, spreading her legs slightly.  I hesitated a split second, not sure if I wanted to go down that road in one sense, and desperate to get a look in another.  "If you're not comfortable, that's fine," Arista said, pulling back slightly.  "It'll be looking, no touching anyways."

"I want to see, please..." I started, making no effort to hide where I was staring.  Arista said nothing, she only pointed.

Reluctantly I slid off my chair.  It seemed so weird, I'd never submitted to anyone this way.  It was humiliating and alluring at the same time.  I was dripping wet in spite of my shyness, and I had no doubt that Arista was quite hard as well.

"Please can I see your cock?" I whispered.

"What?" Arista asked with a grin, clearly enjoying lording her power over me.  What a change the girl had undergone in the hour since she'd tried to cut and run.  It was amazing what a little tolerance, a little discussion and comfort could bring to a person.

"May I please see your cock?" I asked with more authority.  Luckily Arista didn't make me beg.  I don't know that I could have done it, it was so new to me.  She undid her belt and unzipped her jeans slowly, prolonging my anticipation.  Feeling it through layers of fabric against my cheek was far different than seeing it uncovered.  She slowly slid her boxers down until I could see the first inch of the base.  It strained against her boxers and she had to gently pull them around and over the entire six and a half inches of its length to free it.

I'm not sure what I expected, something more feminine?  What was staring me in the face with a slight upward tilt was anything but girly.  Arista, in spite of her earlier reservations, seemed to enjoy showing it off as it bobbed in the warm air of FoR.  I knelt there, somewhat transfixed, my eyes taking in the contrast of Arista's womanly curves with what lie just below the belt.

"Don't be shy, you can touch it," Arista goaded, shifting herself a few inches in my direction.  Guess her earlier remark was a lie.  I don't know why I was so shy, I'd certainly seen my fair share of cock.  It felt more intimate somehow, probably because of the trust Arista showed in revealing herself to me.  Cautiously I reached a hand out and slowly closed it around her shaft.  Arista moaned softly at my touch, but quickly regained her composure, grinning ear to ear as I slowly became more acquainted with her.

All of a sudden there was some noise from outside the cube.  Arista and I froze as the footsteps grew closer.  Within seconds Miss Reed had paused outside the entrance.  She looked first to me, then to Arista with that small domineering smile on her face that made me feel so small.  I prepared myself for a rebuke while at the same time my hand remained stuck to Arista's cock.

"Glad to see you two getting along.  Was weeks before she let me touch it.  I'll try and rein in my jealousy and let you two kids have fun," she said with a smile that was slightly warmer than her typical smirk, and walked off.

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