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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 10 - More Arista than Lena Bargains For

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 10
More Arista than Lena Bargains For

Monday Night

I wandered around the establishment in a bit of a haze for a while, intent on taking a break if nothing more than to honor Miss Reed's request, but I still wasn't sure what to do with myself.  The door to the house slaves' room loomed, but for some reason it seemed odd for me to take advantage of them.  I wasn't sure why since I'd never had any issue with using Tara to satisfy myself.  I guess it was the fact that it was my first day and I felt compelled to earn some measure of respect before she walking around like I owned anything.

After a while I found herself sitting in the first floor lounge with a few other patrons.  The dining area had begun to fill and I didn't really want to be around to so many nonhumans all at once.  The culture shock was starting to get to me and even though the point was to be social, I wanted to be as alone as possible while doing so.  Besides, Arista was still out there and I was a bit embarrassed at how our first meeting had gone, how I'd been so transfixed by her looks.  There was something about her that seemed to put me at a disadvantage.  Miss Reed had said she was a switch, but I had only really seen the Domme side.  For some reason that part of her was alluring even though I'd never had any interest in any of the more dominant men I'd slept with.  Maybe it was because they were merely food for me to satisfy the parts of my ancestry that needed to be satisfied, and submitting to them ruined that dynamic a little bit.  Maybe it was that I felt safe with her knowing that she was a switch, and thus not technically above me, I had no idea.  Either way my shyness had me feeling somewhat pathetic as I sat there with the ginger ale I'd ordered from the tall, submissive Air Nymph that tended bar.  Thankfully no one in the room seemed to be paying me any attention.

I sat there sipping idly at the soda for a god knows how long, trying to study the others in the room through my peripheral vision.  I knew I was stereotyping the patrons for being nonhuman in being terrified of making eye contact with the wrong person and catching hellfire in the way of words and fists and hated myself for it, but I looked in my passive-aggressive way nonetheless.  There wasn't much to see, a succubus/incubus couple, and a few others whose races I couldn't place and whose collars I couldn't see well enough to read.

"Hey stranger," I wasn't sure how much time had passed when I suddenly found myself with a tanned companion. My eyes rose from her drink only to halt on the strained fabric of Arista's black tank top.  Shit.  It took a great deal of willpower to wrench them upwards once more to meet her stunningly brown eyes before my shyness slid my gaze off to the side.

"My shift ended at eight and Miss Reed said you were going to the demo so I figured I'd hunt you down," she said with a grin.  "Judging by where your eyes landed I guess you were eager to see me again too, eh?"

I nodded, still not meeting her gaze.  What was it about her?  "Well if you want another look, you have to earn it," she teased.  Still rattling around inside my own head I blankly nodded.  After a few moments I registered the fact that Arista had placed her hands on mine and was staring at me rather intently.  The teasing mischievous look that she seemed to always wear had been replaced by a softer gaze.

"I promise, I'm nice," she said, as though she was hurt that I'd think anything otherwise.  "I tease, but it's all in good fun.  I won't bite you if you look at me, I promise.'re cute so I may bite, but I'll make sure you're at least expecting it."

I laughed and looked at her for what seemed like the first time.  God she was gorgeous.  Oh, right, words.  "Sorry," I started.  "Up until a few days ago I didn't realize there were Nymphs or Dark Elves, or Vampires..."

"Ahh," Arista said nodding.  "I didn't realize you were new-new.  How did you go all this time without knowing?  Surely you've seen others of your kind around."

"Yeah, but I was always afraid to ask.  I guess I get caught up in the human way of seeing things, the belief that anyone or anything different was scary or demonic."

"And yet you found a way to get into BDSM," Arista pointed out.

I smiled, "well I made an exception I guess."  Then I looked around for the first time.  "I don't know anything about any of these races, and that scares me a little...hell, I hardly know anything about our race except what I've read on the internet."

"I'm not a succubus," Arista said with an odd tone.  My eyes flitted to her collar, but it was covered by her long dark hair.  "Incubus father, Nymph mother.  Mixed babies can produce some...interesting results.  But I got my father's traits for the most part," she said with an odd grin and a worried look.  "Judging by the fact that you're still alive I guess you figured out the most important part.  Fuck to live."

"Yeah, my adoptive parents were so thrilled," I said sarcastically, eliciting a laugh from Arista.  For the first time I started to actually felt comfortable in her presence, easing into what I hoped would become a lasting friendship.  It was nice to know that I would at least have someone to talk to while at work.  Being the new girl sucked, and being introverted on top of that made it suck even more.  The last thing I wanted was to be holed up in my cubicle all day as an outsider.

"Well the humans have some funny ideas about sex," Arista said.  "Here I think we get it right.  Pretty much anything is at least accepted, though that doesn't stop there from being some prejudices."  What did she mean by that?  "Hey, what are you drinking, I'll grab you another."

"Ginger ale," I said meekly.

"Pussy," she said with a grin.

"Hey!" I argued, but I was smiling.  "I don't really drink much."

" neither.  Weird for a bartender isn't it?  Don't like the increased chances that I'll do something stupid while drunk."  She raised her hand and waived over the bartender who strode over in a hurry.

"Yes Miss Moore," he asked in a nasally, submissive yet somehow condescending voice.  When he looked at me his eyes brightened and he smiled slightly.  "Ah, you must be Miss Marov, Miss Reed sent out an e-mail to all the staff.  Welcome to the club."

"Thanks," I said, not sure what to make of him.  Luckily Arista was eager to explain.

"Stephen here is gay, but he likes being wrapped around my finger nonetheless."

"Well that doesn't necessarily make me any straighter now does it?" Stephen said with a grin I could have sworn was malicious.

Arista shot me a furtive glance and it seemed that for once she was at a bit of a disadvantage.  "Shut up and get us a couple of ginger ales, will you?  And make it quick, it's almost time to head down."

"As you wish," he said airily.  Arista gave his ass a solid smack as he walked away and then turned back to me.

"Where were we?" she asked with a smile.  I was staring, I couldn't help it.  Somehow Arista's style of domination had started to get me horny without the added fear that I always felt around Miss Reed.  I wondered if the way she talked to me was a way of sizing me up as a potential submissive, or if she was merely naturally so abrasive.  The short time we'd been talking suggested the later, but there were parts of my body that were dripping to explore the former.

I shrugged, hoping that she'd pick up the conversation once more.  "I guess we'll head down after he brings us our drinks," she said.  "About ten minutes to go."  I looked at the clock that hung over the bar.  Arista was right.  Where had the time gone?  Had I really sat there sipping my drink for nearly fifty minutes?  How pathetic.

A few minutes later Stephen returned with said drinks and the two of us headed off.  Arista led the way walking a half step in front of me.  I didn't mind, it gave me the ability to check out her body without her noticing.  Or so I thought.  "It's not nice to stare," she said without turning around as we headed down the stairs.

" did you know?" I stuttered, somewhat embarrassed.

"I didn't...but I do now."  Even from behind her I could see the grin spreading across her face.  When we reached the basement a small line had formed in the waiting area as a member of FoR's security staff was taking money and allowing people entrance.  Arista led me around the back and through the series of hallways that passed the private dungeons, most of which were not in use.  When we finally emerged into the arena, the setup was very different from that of earlier in the day.  Where the dance floor had once stood there was a series of shallow rising bleachers affording the attendees a better view of the stage.

It also wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected as the seats were only a third filled.  Arista must have noticed my confusion because she quickly offered explanation.  "The Knotty Boys were here a few months ago, but there were enough people that either wanted to see them again or had missed them the first time that Miss Reed decided to have them back."

I nodded, a useless gesture since I was following her up a few rows to a seat that was elevated, but still fairly close to the stage.  She slid off to the side as I took a split second to figure out how close to her it was appropriate to sit.  I opted to leave a few inches of space between us as I watched a variety of races file into the arena.  It seemed that halfway was as full as the bleachers were going to get as I turned my attention to the stage.  There was a large metal framework and roof in the center that looked like an oversized steel table with what seemed like an infinite number of rungs and loops to which to tie someone.

After a few minutes the lights over the seating area dimmed and the lights on the stage intensified.  The music that had been entertaining the spectators ceased and the din slowly quieted.  Suddenly upbeat techno music blared as the two members of The Knotty Boys entered to surprisingly loud applause.

After the crowd quieted once more they started talking in a rapid fire every-other-sentence way that was hard to follow at first.  Eventually I had to stop trying to look back and forth and just listen.

"Hey I'm Dan..."

"And I'm JD..."

"And together we are The Knotty Boys."

"Alright so..."

"We're going to jump right in..."

"And ask for volunteers."

Instantly I was being pulled out of my seat as Arista's right hand shot into the air, and her left hand grabbed mine.  Somehow in spite of the other eager arms waving, JD's and Dan's eyes found us.

"Well what do you think?"

"We are gay..."

"But it's nice to tie the ladies..."

"True and people seem to like it..."

"Alright," Dan said to us.  "The two girls, come on down."

Shit.  I tried not to let embarrassment creep into my face as Arista pushed me down the row, and then pulled me down the steps and eventually up onto the stage.  Things were a bit of a blur as we shook each of The Knotty Boys' hands and I tried to come to terms with the fact that a couple hundred people were about to watch me get tied up for the first time.  The most submissive thing I'd done up to that point had probably been getting fucked doggy style.

I tried to tune the crowd out as much as I could and was actually somewhat successful.  They were difficult to see with the lighting, and I was much more concerned with watching Arista get tied across from me.  It was nothing short of arousing watching her being restrained.  Tara and I had never done much with rope since I didn't really have the expertise.  Our relationship was more based in D/s, her doing what I said.  Seeing someone restrained and the control that the Dom or Domme had over them was alluring.

Then there was the other side of it, the grin on Arista's face that told me in spite of the fact that we were both being bound, we were by no means equals.  The tie itself wasn't terribly tight or difficult, a simple rope harness that left by wrists bound together behind my back to a rope around my waist.  After a few moments I realized I was being addressed.

"Huh?" I asked, coming back to reality.

"Your friend here says you're the more submissive one," Dan was saying as Arista grinned at me.

"Oh, yeah I guess."

"Well then..."

Suddenly I found myself on my knees staring up at Arista's crotch, which was framed by a triangle of knots and ropes.  As I got an up close view, I noticed that the smile had started to fade from Arista's face.  Before I had a chance to think about it, I was shoved from behind.  I teetered precariously on my knees before falling face first into said crotch.  My cheek smacked against her, and the softness that I expected was nowhere to be found.

Almost as soon as I touched the bulge, Arista pulled away, causing me to fall onto the stage.  The smell of burning hit my nostrils just before I noticed that Arista's ropes had fallen to the floor half singed.  Without looking back at me she ran off the stage and disappeared into the darkness of the dining hall.

"What was that all about?"

"Told you we should start using magically imbued ropes."

"Untie me," I grunted.  I didn't know how to feel about Arista, about what I'd just discovered and about her reaction to that discovery.  Should I be shocked, hurt, should I pity her?  I had no idea.  Figures not only was I being exposed to new races, but new genders as well.  After a few minutes I was free once more.  I hastily thanked The Knotty Boys and ran into the darkness after Arista.

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