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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 8 - First Day Continued

Freedom of Restraint Episode 8
First Day Continued


I followed Miss Reed from the room trying not to stare at her legs and ass but finding little success.  "I take it you've already seen the cubicle we've prepared for you," she said gesturing to it as we walked past.  "Hopefully you can make it a bit less...stiff looking with splashes of your personality."

When we reached the southwest corner I thought we were going to turn left and head down the stairs, but instead Miss Reed led the two of us to the right and down another hallway.  The south wall of the floor featured a window that spanned almost the entire width of the building and overlooked the street below.  I remembered that I couldn't see in when looking up at the building, and wondered if it was a magical property of the glass or a physical one.

She rattled off the names of the rooms' inhabitants but none of them stuck as my attention was split between the half of her body she showed, and the not unattractive Leif.  I figured that in time I'd become more acquainted with the permanent residents and concentrated instead on getting a feel for the atmosphere of place that was to become my primary source of income.  With Leif's sorely apparent servitude, I wondered if the anything goes attitude filtered down to the rest of the staff, or if it was a pleasure only Miss Reed enjoyed.

"This room is empty," Miss Reed finished as she gestured to the first that opened out into the northernmost hallway.  "This next door serves as a locker room and a bathroom mostly for our house slaves, although Leif here doesn't need to use it since he's not allowed clothes.  You're welcome to use any of the house slaves provided a higher ranking employee hasn't already made them unavailable.  We have twelve, housed in the northern two rooms in the center of this floor, more than we ever have in the building most times in terms of staff."  She gave his balls another squeeze prompting a moan before swatting him on the ass.  "Turn and show Miss Marov your punishment." 

Leif complied and I got an up close look at the acrylic contraption that housed his cock and kept it from getting hard.  "Leif brought an underage human into Freedom of Restraint and is being chastised for it.  The first part of that I usually couldn't care less about.  The second part is unforgivable.  No humans allowed."

She gave another tug on his leash and continued onward, letting him back into the northeastern most room.  With her long legs, Miss Reed quickly traversed the hallway to the stairs and I had to nearly jog to keep up.  As we rounded the corner out onto the second floor, she only took a few steps down the hallway and leaned on the railing that overlooked the first floor dining area.

"There isn't much to show you here," she started.  The rooms against that wall," she pointed to the western side of the building, "are more like traditional hotel rooms, while the rooms here," she turned around and gestured to the south, "are similar to the apartment-style rooms on the top floor."

She turned and continued down the stairs and into the dining area.  Behind the bar the dark skinned Succubus sat idly cleaning off the countertop.  She smiled when Miss Reed walked up with me in tow.  "Anything for the two of you or just passing through?"

"I'm fine Arista," Miss Reed said, "this is Arista Moore, our head bartender," Miss Reed said.  "Arista, this is Lena Marov, she's our new bookkeeper, Lena can have something to drink if she likes."

"I'm fine, thanks," I said quietly.

"Look," Miss Reed started, and I thought I was in trouble.  "I don't care what you do while you're here.  I think you'll find that we're much freer than any other group of people you've encountered.  If you want to work all day with a house slave's tongue halfway up your cunt, then so be it, as long as the work is done and done well.  So have a damn drink."  She finished with a tight smile that did little to calm my nerves.

My face flushed red at the amicable, but stern rebuke, causing Arista's smile to broaden.  Evidently she liked seeing me at such a disadvantage.  "Uh a screwdriver?" I said lamely.  It was the only mixed drink I could think of, and not much of one.

"Would you like that in a glass, or to lick it off my body?"  I froze and stared at said body.  With impossibly smooth dark skin and perfectly formed breasts that were only C-cups, but still somehow straining against her black tank top, aching to be released, Arista was more than desirable.

"Stop toying with the new girl," Miss Reed said, scolding Arista, but smiling.  She turned to me, "Arista is also a switch, but she teeters perilously close to the cutoff for being dominant."  She winked at Arista as the tanned girl turned to grab a glass.  "Be wary of her."

I nodded blankly, still unable to tear my eyes off the stunningly attractive form of Arista.  Her backside was just as alluring as the front as she somehow managed to blend prominent curves with a petiteness that rivaled my own.

She returned shortly with the drink and slid it across the countertop, bending over as she did so to afford me a view straight down through her delectable cleavage.  "Stop teasing the poor girl and just take the shirt off," Miss Reed said in the no-nonsense tone that always made me both a little wet and a little scared. 

"Yes Miss."  Within seconds the shirt was on the ground and Arista's perfectly round breasts were staring me in the face.  They hadn't sagged so much as a millimeter.  I was transfixed.  "Like what you see?"  All I could do was nod blankly and continue to stare.  "Stick around and I'll show you the bottom half," she said with a sly grin.

"Unfortunately we must be heading on," Miss Reed said to her.  I grabbed my drink and followed her winding path around the tables and chairs.  "I think you've seen most everything in here so we'll head downstairs," she said without missing a step.

The two of us walked through a set of double doors in the southwest corner of the dining room and down a short hallway that opened up into what appeared to be a series of small closets.  "Sometimes our clients want to enjoy an evening without having to care for their subs, so they can leave them in one of these cells."  She opened a door to reveal a small room about six feet square with a number of hooks and bondage points along the walls and ceiling.

A southward jaunt through a wider hall brought us to a lounge with a short bar tucked into the corner.  "A bit more intimate of a dining setting," Miss Reed said, leading me halfway back the way we'd come to the stairwell leading to the basement.

"This is one of the members only areas unless we're putting on a show," she said as the stairs wound around a corner and down to a small waiting area.  To our left a pair of large double doors were open to a large arena-like room with several tables pushed along each wall and an enormous bar in the southeast corner.

"We do musicians, live pornography shows, educational and informational speakers, tutorials and a host of other things.  Later tonight there's a live rope demonstration if you want to stick around for it," she said.  A brisk walk across the dance floor through a door to the left of the stage brought us through another series of halls heading back towards the stairs.  "And these are our private dungeons, not something you'll need to access unless you decide to become a full member."

Miss Reed turned and glanced down at me with a gaze I couldn't place.  It made me feel like a bug under a microscope as her blue eyes bored into me.  "With that tiny little body, I'd love an opportunity to torment you in one of them, but it's probably better if we get you set up doing your actual job, no?"

I gulped and only managed a weak, "yes Miss Reed."

She laughed, "so shy, I can't imagine you as a Domme.  Come on, back upstairs."

My nerves cooled considerable as we found our way back upstairs to my cubicle.  Miss Reed showed me the software I'd be using to track the club's finances.  It really was as simple as she'd said, everyone filled out expense reports detailing their time, and the cost of supplies, and they all came to me.  There were other employees that handled the revenue the club generated in various areas.  The Event Manager handled ticket costs for live shows, for example, and the Restaurant manager handled the money that came in through the Dining Area, but the money they spent on food and supplies came directly to me.

It was easy, but fairly tedious.  I had to read each employee's report, any comments they might have had and decide whether or not the time and costs were accurate and/or justified.  After several timesheets, I hadn't found anything out of the ordinary, but I had to approach everything with the same level of scrutiny because even one mistake could be huge.

After a few hours, Miss Reed came back over to check on me.  "Hard worker too, I like you.  Remember you have until next Tuesday to check this batch of timesheets and expense reports.  It's 7:30, the rope demonstration begins in an hour, why don't you enjoy some of the benefits working here has to offer."

With that she stalked off, leaving me sitting at her desk wondering what she meant.

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