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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 7 - Lena's First Day

Freedom of Restraint Episode 7
Lena's First Day

I woke up at eleven even though I didn't need to be into work by four in the afternoon so that I'd have plenty of time to hem and haw over what to wear. I'm not normally the type to waffle over such things, or to be overly concerned with my appearance, but the prospect of starting a new job coupled with the desire to impress the somewhat intimidating Miss Reed had me constantly questioning myself.

It didn't help that there seemed to be no middle ground between Miss Reed's dark formal attire that she'd worn for the interview, and the more casual and revealing dress worn by everyone else at the club when I'd walked through. Blissfully, at around noon, a knock on the door stirred me from my increasing panic.

"Come on in Tara!" I yelled across the apartment knowing that only she could be the one that had come calling. Sure enough, the tall blond gently shut the door behind her and wandered towards where I'd stacked several articles of clothing on my bed.

"Big day, huh?" she asked, setting herself down. I ignored for the moment her short shorts, and the tank top that ended a few inches above her waistline, along with the rope marks that painted several treaded lines across her skin.

"You know this place more than me, what the hell should I wear?"

"Well it's an off day so it doesn't really matter. Miss Reed will set you straight if necessary," she said with a smile.

"I'm looking to avoid that," I said, shuddering at thoughts of what the woman might be capable of if provoked.

"Well dark colors are pretty typical," Tara started, tossing a few white and beige garments aside. "Miss Reed is fond of red and black, which you have in spades. I don't think there's a dress code much beyond that, even for employees. You'll receive a collar denoting your status, that's the most important thing.

In the end I wound up selecting a crisp pair of black slacks along with a blood-red button up shirt and a black blazer. "No heels?" Tara asked as I set a pair of black dress shoes aside for later.

"I hate heels, and I suffer no lack of confidence in being a few inches shorter," I replied.

"Suit yourself," she said, standing and stretching her long legs. "Want to get lunch?" I checked the clock, there was still a few hours until I needed to make my way towards Freedom of Restraint, but I figured that time was better spent enjoying the city than fretting over pointless things at home. I nodded and grabbed a few things before leading her out the door.

* * *

I watched transfixed as the chains disappeared on the hands of the glass doors of Freedom of Restraint. Magic, it was something I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around. What limitations were there...if any? Was literally anything possible? It didn't seem like it since there were still a fair number of problems that existed in the world.

When I walked into the club, only the blonde receptionist was waiting for me. Her enormous breasts nearly spilled out of her black spaghetti string tank top, hulking over a miniscule frame that seemed physically impossible. Her crimson lip gloss turned into a smile as she saw me enter.

"Hey new girl, I'm Anabelle. Miss Reed says you can just head upstairs," she finished with a wink and then turned her attention back to whatever lay on the desk. I pushed my way through the large doors into the bar and restaurant area, again meeting the eyes of the smoky succubus that tended bar. She flashed me a smile, though in the dimmed lighting I couldn't tell if it was encouraging or menacing.

I tried to shake it off as I traipsed my way up the stairs to the third floor and around to the offices. I noticed that one of the cubicles along the wall on my way in had a gleaming gold plate bearing my name upon the wall. I couldn't help but peek inside, noting the odd juxtaposition of a brand new computer complete with dual flat-panel monitors in the decidedly more antiquated club.

I continued onward through the entryway at the end of the hall and over to Miss Reed's office. Not sure of what to do, I timidly knocked on the door. "Come in," Miss Reed called from the inside. Still nervous, I gingerly turned the handle and entered. I had to hold back a gasp as my eyes fell upon the other individual in the room.

He was muscular, despite his slenderness, and somewhat pale. A clear chastity cage sat locked over his cock and was the only piece of clothing he wore. He held a steaming cup of coffee in his hands for Miss Reed, who was engrossed in a set of papers on her desk and looked none too happy about the situation.

"Early and sharply dressed," Miss Reed remarked. "I'm sure some of our members would greatly enjoy the submissive side of you if that's any indication. Sit down," she said, gesturing to the chair.

"This is Leif," she added, noticing where my gaze had lingered. "He got himself into a bit of trouble here so he's working it off, isn't that right?" She reached out and squeezed his balls causing a twitch and a wince, but thankfully for his sake, no spilled coffee.

"Yes Miss," the man responded gingerly, sighing as she let go.

"Down to business," Miss Reed continued. "The particulars of your employment. I think you have a good enough idea of what you'll be doing, what your responsibilities will be, it's time to explain more about the rules and particulars of Freedom of Restraint and what that means for you as both an employee and as a potential member."

I merely nodded, not having the confidence to interrupt her, though no questions had sprung to mind yet. "The building has identified you as a switch from the moment you first set foot within it. Everyone who enters is magically examined and immediately given status within their particular caste. I didn't need to ask what you were, but it's a huge point in your favor that you know yourself well enough to accurately make that assessment. If you had delusions of grandeur or inferiority, I'd have found it much more difficult to offer you this job."

Another nod. I disagreed with her on some levels. I certainly didn't feel like I knew myself all that well, especially given that what little information I had about my heritage and my race was based on an amalgam of "facts" spewed out over the internet.

"As an employee of Freedom of Restraint, you have a small measure of professional authority over all of its clients, and other employees as necessary to complete your job. However, should you chose to be a client and patron of this establishment, then your rights and privileges will be based upon your status as a switch. We have a clear, but relatively short list of rules." With that she spun a sheet of paper around so that I could read and sat back in her chair, calmly running her fingers over the exposed body of Leif.

Freedom of Restraint Rules:

  1. All patrons, clients, and employees are allowed the same basic rights unless they specifically choose to waive them. Those rights are as follows:
    1. The Right to Health and Safety - No member may be injured to a point where their life is in peril.
    2. The Right to Cleanliness - No member may be forced to partake in an activity that is unsanitary.
    3. The Right to Sustenance - No member may be deprived of whatever is needed to sustain them, be it food, drink, blood, sex, or any combination of them.
    4. The Right to Discretion - No member shall be forced to blend their private life at Freedom of Restraint with their public life outside these walls.
    5. The Right to Purity - No member shall be forced to engage in any sexual act.
    6. The Right to Monogamy - If two members are involved in a relationship, than other members of FoR are expected to respect the bounds of that relationship should there be any.
  2. As has been previously stated, these are the basic rights of all members, however some members may choose to waive any or all of these rights and can be treated accordingly.
  3. The order of authority is as follows: Power Dominants, Dominants, Switches, Power Submissives, Submissives, and Slaves.
  4. In agreeing to become a collared member of FoR, one is agreeing to abide by the rules regarding them in their position within the BDSM hierarchy.
  5. Higher ranking members of FoR have preference in dining locations, service, and use of facilities over lower ranking members.
  6. Lower ranking members are expected to obey higher ranking members unless doing so would conflict with the basic member rights set forth by FoR.
  7. Service employees of FoR (i.e. waiters/waitresses, receptionists, professional Dom(me)s and subs, etc.) are subject to the orders of higher ranking members of FoR as well as higher ranking service and executive staff unless said orders conflict with the basic member rights.
  8. Executive employees (i.e. bookkeepers, clerical staff, etc.) are not subject to the orders of higher ranking members of FoR while on duty, but are subject to the orders of higher ranking executive staff. Should they choose to also become full-fledged members of FoR, then they are subject to the same rules as any other member.
  9. No full humans are allowed within FoR. Humans with non-human heritage may be allowed on a case by case basis.
  10. The Age of Consent for participation in activities at FoR shall be 15 for non-humans and 18 for humans.
  11. If a non-member is found guilty of breaking any of the above rules then they are subject to punishment and banishment from the club. If a member is found guilty of breaking any of the above rules, then they are subject to punishment, and temporary restriction of rank.
  12. Any and all disputes and punishments will be officiated by the owner of FoR, Miss Vivian Reed.

"Hopefully not too frightening for you dear," Miss Reed said after several long moments. "Basically as a member of the executive staff, you have a certain level of immunity from its members. A Power Dom, for example can't tell you to do anything, but he can tell one of our waitresses to unbutton and show more cleavage. I on the other hand can do both," she smiled devilishly.

I nodded blankly, setting the sheet back down before I noticed that Miss Reed was still looking at me. "What...oh..." I said, both somewhat shocked, and somewhat embarrassed. Turning red in the face, I reached to my shirt and undid the top two buttons. Is that enough?"

Miss Reed smiled widely. "Excellent dear. Tara said that most of your experience was as a Domme, but it's good to see you know how to take orders."

"Yes Miss," I said. Where had that come from?! It seemed so natural, so inherent to acquiesce to Miss Reed's authority. Her grin grew wider, somehow more mischievous as she reached into her desk and handed me a small blade. "You can signify your agreement by bleeding into the paper. At which point you'll magically be issued a collar. It will be as insubstantial and unnoticeable to humans as your wings, but it will signify your race, orientation, and status to members until you decide to resign your employment and membership, should that day come."

I sat there thinking for a moment. Until I decided to become more involved in the club, all it would really do was identify me as an employee and figure of authority, even though my job would largely involve dealing with my computer rather than other employees or clientele. I had to admit, the other aspects, the fact that it may one day make me subject to the whims of more dominant members made me more eager to sign it, not more hesitant. In addition to turning me on, it was the doorway to the ability to finally learn more about myself that in the end made it an easy decision.

I sliced open my finger and held it to the paper, managing to shake loose a few drops. Almost instantly I felt something appear around my neck, a thin black collar with etchings on it with a subtle aura that made it seem otherworldly. I couldn't wait to get a good look at it in the mirror, but work would have to come first.

"Now that the formalities are taken care of, let me give you a more complete tour and introduce you to some of the other employees." Miss Reed stood and walked around her desk and for the first time I realized that she wasn't wearing any bottoms. It forced me to wonder what she'd had Leif doing before I arrived. Above them she wore a sheer skirt and a simple black corset that did wonders for her ample cleavage. If I were to wear something so revealing in such a formal setting, I would be embarrassed, but on Miss Reed it somehow looked more intimidating.

As she walked past me, tugging on Leif's leash, she caught my eyes tracing their way down her body to her rather perfectly formed ass and gave me a demure smile, gesturing towards the door. "Shall we?"

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