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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 6 - Tara and Evan

Freedom of Restraint Episode 6
Tara and Evan

Tara walked noiselessly up to Evan's fourth floor apartment in Queens, her small feet not making so much as a soft patter on the dull maroon carpet, and came to a stop outside of number 406.  Pausing for a moment, she stripped naked and passed her clothes through a mail slot that had been installed in the door at about knee height.

Nude and exposed, she knocked on the door three times in rapid succession before placing them behind her head and waiting.  Her heart began to beat rapidly.  Most of the apartments on the top floor were vacant, but that didn't stop her from growing anxious about being seen.   Anxious and aroused as the humiliation started to take hold.

After what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only one or two, she heard stirring from within.  The door was yanked open and a rough hand grabbed her hair pulling her both into the darkened room and to her knees.  He dragged her across the floor into the center of the room.  Before her eyes could adjust, Tara felt something poking her in the cheek.  She turned and opened her mouth, taking Evan's eight inch cock deep with a small appreciative smile wrapped around his inch and a half of girth.

Tara wordlessly bobbed up and down at Evan's command for several moments until his hands finally released her head.  They moved downward, slipping beneath her elbows and hauling her to her feet.

"Mmm," she moaned appreciatively as he kissed her.  "I love it when you say hello with your dick," she said with a coy smile.

"I love it when you show me how much you want it," he replied, pushing her back down.  She opened her mouth wide again, slowly sliding her lips down the entire length of his shaft.  It had taken her a long time to learn to deepthroat, a long time in which she hadn't been allowed to cum.  While her chastity had been frustrating, it served to deepen her submission and strengthen the ties she felt to Evan.  When she'd finally emerged after touching her nose to Evan's stomach, she felt like she'd won the lottery.

Sucking cock was as pleasurable to her as it was to him.  To see the look of ecstasy on his face, to feel her subtle ministrations making waves throughout his body was the ultimate validation.  Even on her knees at his whim, there was a certain element of control in pleasuring him that she found intoxicating.

After a few more strokes she was being moved around once more.  Feeling his rough Lycan hands contort her into any position he pleased always made her wet.  When he pushed her head to the floor from her kneeling position and placed her arms behind her back, she became even more turned on.  It meant she was about to be tied up.

Sure enough, within seconds she could feel the coarse ropes being wrapped around her wrists.  It was always a special thrill as he slowly tightened the knots, drawing her arms closer and closer together until they were inescapably attached.  Tara arched her back as the elbows came next, again slowly being drawn together, at the same time forcing her to jut her chest outwards, leaving her tits ripe to be grabbed.

"Mmph," Tara groaned as she was shoved onto said chest and stomach.

"Not done yet," Evan said, speaking to her for just the second time as he reached to grab more rope.  With his wide six foot frame, he towered over even the rather tall and filled out Tara.  Evan dropped to one knee and began working on the next set of ties.  He combined the build of a linebacker with the dexterity and attention to detail of a surgeon with the long brown hair of an artist.   Tara was glad to have all three, but most of all, she loved his sheer size.  The fact that he could quite literally pick her up and throw her around was infinitely arousing and it meshed so well with the dominant parts of his personality.

One ankle was quickly lashed to its respective thigh, followed quickly by the other.  Without the ability to do anything but kneel, Tara had a pretty good idea of what Evan had in mind, but was still curious.  The blindfold that he added shortly after only served to add to that curiosity.  She thought that was the end of the things, but she felt several more ropes being wrapped around various parts of her body.  What purpose they served, she couldn't tell.  They certainly weren't restraining her.

She tried to struggle, but soon found her wrists being roped off to those around her ankles affording her almost mo mobility.  Then she felt pressure on her body from the no longer useless ropes hoisting her into the air.

"Ungh," Tara half moaned, half grunted as her arousal at swinging helplessly a few feet above the floor combined with her fear-filled sightlessness.  Though she'd always wanted to, they'd never done a suspension before.  Tara had longed to be completely helpless, without even the friction of the floor to struggle against, to be completely subject to Evan's whims.

"Wet little girl," Evan said in his subtle British accent, sliding a finger into Tara's pussy.  She moaned at the intrusion, only able to nod in response.  "Tsk tsk, I've barely touched you," he said.  "What's got you all wound up?"

"Being your little slut," Tara replied.  Evan drew his hand back and out of Tara, causing her to yelp as he slapped her pussy.  "Sir," she added far too late.  She tested her bonds, seeing how close she could bring her legs together in case of another assault, but merely succeeded in flopping about awkwardly.  Evan saw what she was doing and slapped her again, chuckling at her helpless arousal before clapping her on the thigh and sending her into a slow spin.

"Good, I like an eager whore," he said, bringing her to a stop after a few turns.  Tara smiled at his use of one of the many degrading pet names he had for her and struggled in vain to look through her blindfold to see what he was going to do next.  She could hear Evan moving around with her superior senses, but that was it.  The fact that he could to any number of things to any of her holes with her tied like that drove her to the edge of horny insanity.

After a while the noises ceased and Tara couldn't even tell where Evan was.  After a few seconds of absolute silence, she yelped and tried to contort to protect herself as a harsh strip of leather painted a long red stripe on her exposed stomach.  As slashes two and three struck down, Tara's eyes rolled back into her head and she started to moan.  It hurt so good.  Even as a Vampire with an increased tolerance, she'd always processed pain as pleasure, relishing the moments when her prey fought back, sometimes letting it gain the upper hand, slashing, choking, beating her.

"Unh!"  Another whack struck just above her pussy.  Two more on each thigh.  Evan had increased his pace, she hardly had time to register one hit before she was struck somewhere else. She tried to pretend that she was human and would carry several glorious marks the next day, that vanilla people would see them and gasp, that BDSMers would see them and grin, and most of all that everyone would know what a dirty little sex toy she was.

By the time Evan stopped hitting her, Tara was already too far gone, still moaning at the tender hotness of her flesh.  She was barely able to open her mouth as Evan grabbed two more handfuls of hair and slid himself in deep.

"Mmmh," Tara couldn't help but moan as he slid himself in and out.  She desperately wished she could slide a few fingers downward to increase her own pleasure, though the fact that she had become merely a hole to Evan could almost get her off in itself.

With the rest of her restrained, her tongue worked overtime trying to do what it could to please Evan's cock.  The fact that he started so hard and fast right away meant that he was close already and things were more in his hands than hers (figuratively speaking) but she tried nonetheless.

Following  prolonged sprint, he slowed, sliding himself in deep and holding her head all the way down on his cock.  After a few moments she started to struggle, needing to breathe but his hand stayed clamped down tight, forcing her to earn her freedom.  When she started to choke and gag he finally allowed her to pull off and take a breath before resuming his short quick thrusts between her lips.

Tara could feel Evan start to harden as the impending orgasm approached.  She started to moan as he slid in and out, begging for a taste of his cum.  Evan didn't disappoint as he slowed and dropped spurt after spurt onto her tongue and down her throat, each drop of bitter saltiness bringing waves of pleasure.  She grinned in accomplishment and swallowed when he pulled out, taking care not to waste a drop.

"The best part about your heritage," Evan started, "is that you can take so much more punishment.  Half hour to an hour and a human would be done in that position.  You on the other hand, can handle it all day.  And since I've got a few errands to run, so you shall."

"Oh god," Tara yelped as Evan brought a hand down on her ass with the full brunt of his Lycan strength.  That mark would stick around a little while.

"But I won't leave you bored," he said, grabbing a few objects from a nearby chest.  Tara could feel something being pressed up against her clit and the side of her left leg.  Evan's nimble hands worked at wrapping several lengths of bondage tape around the device and her leg holding it firmly in place.

"You seem pretty wound up so I'll start you off high," he said, flicking the vibrator to its highest setting.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Tara screamed as the devices ministrations nearly brought her already throbbing pussy over the edge instantly.  Within seconds she was moaning and writhing helplessly against the ropes, trying to grind herself against it.

"Have fun," Evan said, patting her on the back.  Tara didn't even notice.   "I'll be back in a few hours."

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