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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 4 - A Word With Tara

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 4
A Word With Tara

Halfway home, I registered my cell phone in my pocket and called Tara.  "Want to come over?" I asked her, hoping that my tone remained neutral.

It did not.  "Uh oh," she said.  "Sure."

"Alright, I'll be home in a few minutes, if I'm not there, just wait outside."  I clicked the phone shut and continued my trek down the street.  I supposed that a cab would have made more sense, but I wanted some time to walk and digest what I'd heard.

I tried to stare into the swirling tornado of emotions in my head and tried to pick one out to focus on.  Excitement seemed to want to step up to the plate.  The opportunity to get answers to questions that I had been asking the walls of my apartment for years was something I hadn't even been able to register.  My relationship with Tara aside, I had never had the confidence to even think about approaching another succubus with questions.  It seemed almost like an assault, to pick them out of their lives and bombard them with curiosities that had haunted me since I was a child.

It wasn't as though Miss Reed made me much more comfortable.  There was definitely an amiability to her, but lurking just beneath the surface was the strong personality that was required to run such a place as Freedom of Restraint.  The prospect of that personality being unleashed frightened me.

But there were others like myself, Doms and subs alike, and it seemed reasonable that at least a few of them would be a little more approachable.  There would be coworkers, and clients...and Tara.  I opened the door to my building.  How stupid of me, I had asked the girl over and then completely forgotten about her as a resource.  I guess so much of that was based on not knowing how the conversation would go.  What she was, how that related to me, and even how I felt about her hiding a part of herself from me.

When I stepped onto my floor there she was standing patiently by my door.  When she saw me, she blushed and looked away, like a child that had been caught in a fib.  Instantly much of my trepidation left me.  Of course it wouldn't matter...the dynamic between us wouldn't change.

I keyed the door and let her into the apartment, setting down the rather useless binder that I'd toted with me to the interview on the counter.  "Come sit with me," I said to her, gesturing to the couch.

She gently set herself down next to me, sliding a hand behind my back and kissing me on the cheek.  "It's okay," I said, nearly laughing.  "You don't have to suck up to me.  Well not right now at least," I said with a smirk.

"You're not mad?" she asked, flashing me her best doe eyes.  God they'd look good with her mouth full of pussy.

"No, what I am is curious," I said.  "I don't even know where to start..."

She slid her arm out and pulled away a few inches.  "Well this should answer a few things."  She pulled up her lip, and as I curiously watched, her canines became long and sharp.  I couldn't tell if they were growing out or merely just appearing, but when she was finished they were about a half inch longer than normal.

"Vampire?"  Tara gave me a glare that coming from the natural submissive, surprised me.

"So...yeah..."  I couldn't think of a follow up question and hoped Tara could pick up the slack.

"Well, yes, we need blood to survive.  It's important, but we're not crazy for it like you see in the movies.  My boyfriend provides more than enough, and if that's not a possibility, I always keep some in my fridge...or if you were human, I could eat you out while you're on your period," she said with a devilish grin.

I gagged at the thought.  Succubae can't reproduce, we can only harvest semen for our incubi counterparts to impregnate others.  Unfortunate perhaps, but it means we have no need for some of the biological trappings of humans, and most of them are unpleasant.

"Okay so what about the other stuff...strengths, weaknesses, whatever," I blurted, trying to find a concrete question to ask.  "You know all about me..."

"Alright," she said slowly, "well with the blood, it goes beyond us needing it.  When we ingest the blood of another, we gain whispers of their abilities.  If I were to drink from you, my sense of empathy would increase, and I'd be more successful with my filtrations, borrowing that ability from you, though we vampires tend to be skilled in that regard already."

"The bad part of it is," she continued, "that I can't go out in the sunlight.  I thank you for keeping your blinds closed at all times."  As a relatively pale person myself, I wasn't much for the sun either.  "We also need to be invited into a residence to be allowed to enter.  Only the first time, the rest of the times I've asked have been out of submissive habit...or else willing you passive aggressively to pick up on the implication."  She smiled shyly.  "And we have to return to the soil of our birthplace regularly in which to sleep.  Not all that difficult to accomplish, especially in today's world.  I have plenty in my room."

I nodded, not really registering much after I'd gotten the basics, trying to think of what I could ask next.  "So what do you know about me?  About succubae?"

"Truthfully not much," she admitted, fixing her hair.  "Probably nothing beyond what you already do.  You need sex, you can read emotions, you can influence people.  You're resistant to pain and death like us.  Only irreparable damage to your head, heart, or sex organs will kill you."

"Good to know," I said with a nervous laugh.  I'd always felt...more durable somehow.  I guess now I know why.

"You're weirded out, aren't you?" Tara asked.

I nodded, "a little.  It's all so new, and I'm sure it's only a small part of what actually exists.  We're only two of races?  I don't even know that much about myself, let alone everyone else."

"Give it time," Tara said, putting a reassuring arm around me.  "I can tell you a little bit about Lycans too since that's what Evan is."

"You're dating a werewolf?" I asked with a note of surprise.  "Isn't that kind of...weird?"

"Well, some people still aren't fond of...comingling between species.  But for the most part people are okay with it.  Some races tend to be more dominant than others, so there are a lot of mismatched couples that are good fits.  As far as Vampires and Lycans...yes traditionally we don't get along."

"So what about Evan?" I pressed, curious to have more to wrap my mind around than a name and an impression of dominance.

"Right...well, I'm sure you're familiar with most of the basic myths.  They're half true.  Lycans do transform into the wolf at the height of each full moon.  But what the scary stories frequently leave out is that they also transform every other night.  It's merely those nights around the full moon where the animal is most difficult to control.  Evan locks himself away on those nights.  Outside of that week though he's hardly more than an overbearing dog," she said, smiling fondly.  "It took a while before he transformed in front of me.  I think he was afraid of hurting me even then.  Good Doms are as protective as they are controlling."

I nodded, trying to conjure the image of a large grey wolf with a human demeanor.  It was difficult.  "So how did you come to know about FoR?" I asked as the question suddenly dawned on me.  There was so much that I was trying to cram into my head it seemed like things kept spilling out, only to be rediscovered later.

"Evan is a member there," Tara replied matter of factly.  "I'm hoping to become a member myself as his sub.

"I thought everyone was a member," I said, somewhat confused.  How else would they be able to gain access through the mysterious doors.

"There are full members, partial members, and nonmembers, though every non-human race is allowed entry aside from certain people that are specifically barred."

"Full members go through an extensive background check, must pass a series of tests, must pledge their allegiance to the club and to the code of ethics pertaining to their position within the BDSM community, and must be involved with the club for over a year.  They receive a collar denoting their status, full use of the facilities and dungeons, and a certain level of authority over other club attendees, again depending on that status."

"Status?" I asked.  "You mean like Dom, sub..."  I thought back to the man I'd seen on the street, the incubus.  He'd had a collar on that seemed to share certain magical properties, though I didn't see what status it indicated.  Was it one of those collars, or something else?

"Yeah, but it's more complicated than that.  Miss Reed can tell you more than I really," she said.  "Partial members meet some of the above, but not all.  Most often they've passed their checks and trials, but lack the experience, or they're employees.  Anyone they hire is automatically a partial member because of the background checks they do."

"Then the nonmembers.  The non-humans that come and go sporadically, only using FoR as a lounge or a sanctuary amid a mostly human world, or those that don't delve into the BDSM culture.  They really only care about the restaurant and bar and the arena downstairs."

"So how come you're not even a partial member?" I asked, noting her lack of collar.

"Evan didn't think I was ready until not that long ago, and for races that tend to live a while, the background check takes quite a bit longer.  I'm a little...old.  I gave Miss Reed your name when we first met and I realized what you were, and that you were into bondage."

"Thanks for cluing me in," I said sarcastically.  Tara's expression dropped so fast I had to struggle not to laugh.

"Sorry Ma'am."

"Oh stop it, it's fine," I said somewhat irritably.  "I'm an adult, I can deal with such long as you tell me the truth from now on...the unvarnished truth..."

Tara perked up a bit and nodded before breaking into a slow grin.  "How exciting, you'll be an employee of FoR.  Maybe you can play with me there after hours," she said with a wink.

"Actually I haven't accepted yet," I said, recalling the earlier conversation I'd had with Miss Reed.  The phone number for her office was sitting patiently in my binder.

Tara practically tore me off the couch.  Goddamn Vampires were strong.  Was she faking it every time I restrained her with my hands?  "Well, go do it," she said, giving me a stern look that made me feel like a small child.

Without thinking I grabbed the number and rooted around in my pocket for my cell phone.  "You sure you're a sub?" I chided Tara.

"Submissive, one step above the bottom," Tara said proudly.  Rather than wonder what she meant, I opted to dial the number instead.

"I thought I'd be hearing from you sooner rather than later," she said before I'd even had a chance to speak a word.  "You can start on Monday.  It'll be one of your off days, but it's a perfect day to begin since there shouldn't be a lot of people.  Show up at noon."

"Yes Miss Reed," I replied dumbly.  Even her voice had a way of taking me over.

"See you then," she said, and hung up the phone.

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