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Freedom of Restraint: Episode 2 - Tara Finishes the Job

Freedom of Restraint: Episode 2
Tara Finishes the Job


"Good heavens, you're so pathetic," I said with a good natured grin as Tara looked up at me from the floor.  She had that 'yes Ma'am, I'll do anything you say' look on her face that was so cute it make me want to give her a hug, and at the same time, so arousing it made me want to pull her long blonde hair until her face was buried between my legs.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, spreading a few inches so she could look up and see the wetness that she was so close to enjoying.  I loved how effortless it was to reinforce the power I held over her, how she chose to give me that power in a way that made it seem so inherent, as though being below me was her natural place.  At the invitation, Tara nearly melted, leaning a few inches closer to me in anticipation.

"You can stand up now," I said casually.  Tara begrudgingly pulled herself to her feet, struggling and failing to hid her crestfallen look.

"Oh don't pout," I chided her, standing and walking a slow circle around my prey.  I stopped behind her so that I could lean over and whisper into her ear.  "As much as you and I both delight in the fact that you're so willing to be my little toy, you'll always be my friend first."

Sometimes Tara needed the reminder.  "I have a boyfriend, but he says I can fuck whatever women I want," she'd told me proudly within five minutes of our first meeting.  "And I'd definitely fuck you," she had followed.

Tara relaxed visibly, snapping out of her sub-mode into the odd in-between area where I could talk to her about something as innocuous as the weather before asking her to strip in the very next sentence.  "What did this one do?" she asked.

"Too insecure, I don't know what the hell happens to the young ones that they're so concerned about their size, their performance, their level of experience, but it's getting annoying."  I maintained my position behind her.  I knew the fact that she couldn't see me, and was too obedient to turn her head would keep her on edge and remind her of her place for the evening.

"Too bad the dominant side of you manages to attract the wimpy boys," Tara said with a smirk that I could see even from behind her.  "Evan has no indecisiveness to speak of...and no insecurities."

"That explains why you're so well behaved," I purred.  "Arms."  Instantly she was reaching towards the ceiling as I slid my fingers beneath the thin white layer of fabric that she called a tank top.  I paused for a moment, letting her enjoy the warm sensation of my hands so near her skin, before lifting it off her body and tossing it aside.

"How is the boyfriend anyways," I asked casually, ignoring for the moment that she hadn't worn a bra and that her perky A-nearly-B cup breasts were hanging just out of my sight.

"Are you asking because you want to know, or do you want me to make you wet with tales of rough sex and blowjobs?" she asked with a smirk.

A firm swat on her ass quickly wiped it off her face and I noticed that her wince lasted longer than usual.  She likely had marks on her that hadn't quite healed yet.  Something I could use to my advantage.  "Good, and for non-orgasmic reasons.  Some people wonder how such a relationship can work but...we fit."

"Put your hands behind your head."  She jumped at the whisper that came from lips mere inches from her ear and quickly complied.  It was funny, I had never been brimming with confidence, certainly never enough as to where I'd been able to picture myself standing over a half naked blonde while she did everything I told her to.  And yet I knew exactly how to push Tara's buttons, knew exactly what would have her dripping with excitement.  Most importantly I knew how to boss her around in a way that made it just as enjoyable for her as it was for me.  I don't think bondage works unless it's a two way street, and I knew she was looking forward to planting her lips on me as much as I was looking forward to having them.

"Excited about your interview tomorrow?" Tara asked.  It was one of the things I liked about her, despite being submissive, she wasn't afraid to take some initiative, or if necessary, drive a conversation.

"Of course," I replied, running a finger lightly up her spine.  "I still get the feeling that you're withholding information from me, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough."  Tara could do nothing but sigh at my touch.  I couldn't quite place the reason for my suspicions, but it always seemed that Tara had a little smirk that suggested there was something about the potential job that I wasn't quite getting, that she was keeping some dirty little secret from me.  Try as I could to wrangle something out of her, she was either superbly good at keeping things in, or I was merely being paranoid.

I traced downwards with my finger until it hooked inside the waistband of her pajama pants, and pulled outward slightly.  The gap revealed the type of tanned and completely bare ass that only a leggy blonde like Tara could possess.  You could take the girl out of California... I thought to myself, allowing the pants to snap back into place.

"Hmm, I thought better of what I said before," I informed her.  "Remove the pants and kneel on my bed," I said matter of factly.  She didn't need to be told twice as she undid her drawstring and left the plaid pants in a pink puddle on the floor where she'd stood.  Within seconds she was on the end of my bed, facing towards the pillows, and was even obedient enough to put her hands back on her head affording me a full view of her body.

"I feel so ridiculous sometimes, being the one in charge when you've got about eight inches and thirty pounds on me," I told her, climbing onto the bed with her.  I laid back, resting my head on the pillows, knowing that she was just aching to touch me.  Sliding forward, I rested my feet on her shoulders, enjoying the way she tried not to giggle when I poked at her neck with my toes.

A few more inches and my heels were nestled behind her neck.  Just before she could realize the advantage I had, I used it, pulling her forwards.  Her arms flew out as she rushed to catch herself and I deftly grabbed a hold of her before her head could "accidentally" land somewhere on my body before I wanted it to.

She struggled to lift herself to a position on all fours and I moved my legs over the top of her arms, pinning her hands and elbows to the bed.  My right hand had a firm grip on her silky hair as it spilled over my fingers, holding her head close enough so that she could smell the sex radiating from me.  My left hand softly caressed her cheek as her eyes started to roll back in her head.

After a few seconds I brought her back to reality with a hard slap that she enjoyed more than she let on.  "Show me you want it," I said, gesturing downwards.  The tug on my grip was sudden and so severe that I nearly let her have her prize before I wanted her to.  It was impressive how willingly she could ignore the pain in the pursuit of the carnal delights that she wanted to bring to me.  Impressive for a human anyways, worse had happened to me that I hadn't even noticed.

Her desire spilled over onto me, and I started to melt a bit myself.  Being a creature that depends on sexual pleasure for sustenance, I had always had the ability to sense what my partners wanted.  Equal parts delightful and frustrating since it meant that I could instantly cater to a lover's desires, only to see my own efforts unrequited.

My mind slowly dripped back to Tara who was starting to risk losing significant amounts of her hair as she struggled against my grasp.  I spread my legs slightly and whispered to her, "you can lick anywhere...but my pussy.  I'll move you when I'm good and ready."

My fingers loosened and my other hand joined its counterpart as I enjoyed the subtle sensation of my fingers twirling around her soft hair.  Tara's tongue on my inner thigh was like the first stream of warmth from a satisfying shower, shocking, and infinitely pleasurable.

I could feel just how wild the teasing was driving Tara and that heightened my own anticipation.  "Mmmph," I moaned, arching my back as Tara's nose brushed a spot it was not yet allowed to.  I tightened my grip once more and pulled upwards.  The slap was harder than before, but I followed it with a knowing grin, one that elicited a sheepish look from Tara.  "I know you're not sloppy enough for that to have been an accident," I chastised her.  "I'm going to make you pay for it."

"Sorry," Tara said genuinely.  She was getting that look again, the one that told me that my friend was slipping away, and the pleasure toy was taking her place.  This time, however, I didn't mind so much.

"Take a deep breath," I said, pushing her head down.  If the first few licks on my inner thighs had been a stream of warm water, her tongue working its way between my lips to wrap itself around my clit was a full immersion in bliss.  Nine in ten men may have disappointed me, but Tara never did.  The girl knew what the fuck she was doing.

Strange that I could be in a position that gave me every advantage, but have the power shift back to her.  She could make me cum in mere minutes if she wanted, maybe even seconds, but she knew that I liked and deserved better.  She knew exactly how and exactly when to press all the right buttons to an extent that sometimes I could swear that she was of my kind.  She knew when to lick, when to suck, and if I decided to let her, when fingers could turn a good experience into a great one.

"Unh, right there," I breathed as her tongue found my clit again.  She didn't need to be told.  Her eyes looked up at me over my knotted stomach and I could see the smile in them.  We both knew what was about to happen.  She brought me to the edge again and again until I could stand it no more.

"I swear to god," I moaned between licks.  "If you're teasing me this time...I will beat you til you cry."  She shook her head back and forth, bringing a speed to her tongue that I didn't think was possible.  My hands looked around for something to grab and eventually found hers and I squeezed well beyond what was comfortable.  The orgasm seemed to want to flex every muscle in my body and rip me apart as Tara's immaculate tongue played me like a finely tuned instrument.

At some point I roughly grabbed her head and pulled her close because after some time I slowly began to register her hands swatting comically at my legs, asking me to allow her to breathe.  I let her suffer for a few more seconds before letting her go.  I didn't have to open my eyes to know that she was wiping the evidence of our encounter off her face and licking her fingers, but the thought brought a smile.

I stood and stretched, trying to defog myself.  "Go get me a drink, I'll put in a movie," I told her.  When she started to walk away, I grabbed another fistful of hair and gave her a hard swat on the ass, adding to the subtle redness that was still visible in the right lighting.  "Next time no tricky shit," I told her.

"Yes Ma'am," she said as I let her go.  I conjured up a movie we'd seen a dozen times and pulled on a gray tank top and pajama pants of my own as the title screen loaded.  A few minutes later Tara returned with some hot cocoa, still nude.   She knew better than to get dressed.  As she settled down beside me and pulled a blanket over the two of us, I decided that as further punishment, she'd be returning to her apartment that way.

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  1. Reading this felt like I was Lena, and was being teased. Damn. Good work. :)